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People Shares Worst Kitchen Designs And They’re Hilarious


People Shares Worst Kitchen Designs And They’re Hilarious

Be prepared to cook in pain.

Studio apartments within budget sometimes have people join the bedroom and living room has a mini-kitchen separated with only shelves or sometimes an archway. But why do some people think it’s great to have a shower built in the middle of a kitchen?

It goes beyond our mind to think how designers or homeowners came with the idea ‘Oh! I want my fridge to be right in the middle of the room all on its own.’ It’s a whole different story for people who have too little space to work with, but when you have way too much space, that’s not how you make maximum use of it.

Anyway, these are kitchen design fails that will make you shake your head in disbelief. Scroll down for more weird kitchen designs!

1. ‘Need to pee? Just go to the kitchen in the cabinet right next to the sink.’

Dovydas Skarolskis

2. Victorian-style took way too seriously overboard.


3. This couple who are 100% sure it’s not cringe and they won’t ever sell the house.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

4. Whoever thinks having live plants next to your food in a kitchen in full pink decor is great has a special place in hell.

5. Whatever kind of person will need a piano installed deliberately on top of an oven?


6. Does the homeowner love Tetris? Because that’d be the only explanation.


7. This loft in San Francisco has a diagonal support beam cutting through the kitchen. Guess what, it’s $1 million.


8. ‘Yes, I want women and a Lamborghini etched on my window. Yeah, in detail.’


9. This apartment tries to be fancy while space-saving, but it fails.


10. I’d like an open concept for my kitchen, so yeah, my fridge should be standing in the way just like that.


11. So, they decided to use ‘Faux Mold’ pattern for kitchen flooring.


12. These cupboard designs aren’t meant for children. We absolutely meant the height, yup.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

13. Just, why. Why can’t someone use like 2 brain cells before sliding the stove in?

14. Because recently, it’s a trend to bath while your roommate enjoys the sight.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

15. Another random open concept.


16. Bathroom/kitchen mix and match. Possibly the house of someone who couldn’t afford much.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

17. What is going on with the dinner table?


18. Two columns because why not? Plus, look at that beautiful corner window.


19. Is that why I feel like there’s a butterfly in my stomach? Literally?

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

20. ‘I really love chandeliers, could you please incorporate that into the kitchen?’


21. Spoonfuls of pain.


22. Someone is in a hurry to cook while finishing their business.

23. Doesn’t make sense when someone asks you for a table counter that looks like a car just crashed into.


24. Someone is trying to save space and has the fridge up there instead of the cabinets.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

25. It’s a fancy master bathroom with a kitchenette. Or maybe it’s a kitchenette with a fancy bathtub?


26. Opening the fridge can cause sudden light off in the kitchen.


27. Someone clearly hates you.

28. Is this an open concept? Is that why there’s also a random chair without a table?


29. Trying to get that wax off your fruits be like:


30. This is obviously not a shower, but a high-capacity vegetable washer.

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