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19 Wholesome Pictures That Can Melt Even The Coldest Heart


19 Wholesome Pictures That Can Melt Even The Coldest Heart

They were made of pure love with a hint of playfulness.

Not all heroes wear a cape and walk on two legs. This time, we want to award the goodest and best boys and girls to our fellow companions that walk on all four. Yep! Dogs and cats can be so wholesome we wonder if they were fully made out of love and playfulness.

The best things that they are actually so simple – when humans seem to value everything based on the price. They give kisses, hugs, and zooms around you when you get home. How are those not melting anyone’s heart? Even cats can be lovely, cuddly and super spoiled when they’re at it.

Get ready to have a really strong urge to just hug your dog or cat or get one to do just that!

1. Why I’m never lonely.

© olivesntaaffe / Reddit

2. This cat momma hugging and protecting her kittens.

© beetlebath / Reddit

3. A dog confused with what to do with a new loving kitty.

© TassuFox / Reddit

4. Newly adopted 12-year-old cat who buries her face in owner’s hand when she needs love.

© FustyLuggz / Reddit

5. Lucy is a proud momma with 12 puppies.

© Lostsonofpluto / Reddit

6. Cat learns that alarm wakes owner up, so she snuggles along when it rings.

© FatCat45 / Reddit

7. This dog runs back home to get a sick neighbor his favorite toys when he’s out every time.

© _thehoneybeesknees_ / Reddit 

8. This cat likes to sleep with all four up. When that happens, drop everything you do.

© ducklady92 / Reddit

9. Caught on camera the most beautiful scene ever.

© mayaxs / Reddit

10. Birthday girl is now 13! And she’s sleeping on her favorite beach.

© Amandanotapanda / Reddit

11. Adopted for less than a day and is now clingy.

© regzm / Reddit

12. Puppies are always puppies.

© photodw / Reddit

13. This pair of eyes from a boy adopted just a couple of hours ago.

© mmerppp / Reddit

14. Dog as owner bids goodbye to her.

© Louvin / Reddit

15. “Thought we looked cute, might delete later.”

© silverz208 / Reddit

16. A warm hug.

© smolprincess928 / Reddit

17. When your dogs and cat try hard to make you feel better.

© fessapuella / Reddit

19. Look at this picture full of love. We can achieve world peace with this.

© theogpburdell / Reddit

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