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Matthew McConaughey Joins Texas University As A Full Time Film Professor


Matthew McConaughey Joins Texas University As A Full Time Film Professor

“Film production is a combination of science and art”.

With a caption that reads: “In recognition of his remarkable work as a teacher and as a mentor for the University of Texas Students, and with full respect to his career as an award-winning producer and actor, Matthew McConaughey is now appointed as a professor of practice at the Moody College of Communication, beginning in the fall of 2019 term”.

This was however how the University of Texas disclosed the news that one of its favorite offspring will be coming back as a full-time professor to teach the next generation of film students. The professor will be taking scripts to screen film production from Autumn 2019.

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Matthew, who had completed his Bachelor Degree at the University in 1993 has become a regular-on-campus since he began serving as a visiting instructor.

Became a visiting instructor since 2015, Matthew in 2016 got the headlines by driving students home in a golf cart as part of the University’s safe ride program. He has equally assisted in developing the curriculum for the script to screen course.

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Having worked on over 50 movies including “A Time To Kill,” “The Wolf Of Wall Street.” “ Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Dazed and Confused,” Matthew has provided unique behind the scene view of every stage of a film’s invention.


Reacting, McConaughey told UT News: “It’s the class I have always wished I would have had when I was still in the film school. Working in the classroom with these students gives me a chance to prepare them and making movies, including turning words on paper into a film is a combination of science and art – irrespective of the generation or time”.


Anyways, it’s obvious McConaughey has earned significance among college leadership for his personal impact on student success.


He has equally been a hero with his willingness to assist student even beyond the classroom.


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