Two Jerks Think They’re Better Than The Waiter, But Boss Make Them Pay A 3K Dollar Bill

Sincerely, it’s not a good thing to bite the hand that feeds/once fed you. And that’s the lesson these two pretentious guys learned at a company party held at a fancy restaurant. The two jerks abused their boss’s kindness and goodwill.

One waiter shared the story online about how a pair of super-jerks that felt the fancy party food and drinks chosen for them by their boss wasn’t good enough. In turn, they thought of getting away with purchasing the expensive liquor available at the restaurant.

And it’s no surprise they got publicly disgraced and were both stuck at paying a massive bill. While there are days when evil wins, this particular day definitely got defeats.

Two super-jerks drank expensive liquor at their company’s party

Specifically, the two guys spent the entire evening grumbling about everything. Ranging from not getting enough bread to complaining about poor service delivery, the duo looked down on the restaurant’s waiter and rubbed their authority on their faces, displaying how egotistical they really existed.

And when it was time to pay, the company’s boss couldn’t believe the amount he saw on the bill. The bill was way bigger than what he could ever imagine. Not impressed by what he saw, their boss called out the pair on their greed and publicly humiliated them both.

He made them pay out the entire food and drinks, which amounted to $3,000 dollars. Accordingly, the boss told the waiter to improve the gratuity from 18% to 25% – what an amazing boss!!

A waiter explained what actually happened that evening and how it equally ended

And Here’s However People Reacted To Their Boss Action:

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