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You Can Take Your Pup To A Brunch With Puppy Cocktails At This Restaurant


You Can Take Your Pup To A Brunch With Puppy Cocktails At This Restaurant

Humans will have the privilege to enjoy the Brimstone Brunch Classic –Doral’s Best Benedicts.

Specifically, brunching for South Floridians is a weekend activity that entails a limitless supply of drinks, bountiful amounts of Avo-toasts and the best buddies.

Nevertheless, dogs also love brunching with humans. Brimstone Doral is, however, inviting all animal-pet lovers to their Barn N’ Brunch event on July 20th from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.Apart from the delicious brunch menu, the Miami restaurant permits visitors to bring in their furry babies. Although several outdoor places and restaurants are pet-friendly, Brimstone Doral provides you an exclusive experience.

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Instead of feeding up your dog at home, you can just bring your dog for brunch with cocktails. Currently, you can enjoy brunch with your best buddies without feeling bad about feeding Fido beneath the table.

The Miami Restaurant is offering pups an experience like never before. Your dogs can enjoy several brand new dog-friendly menus with dishes ranging from Filet Pupnon and Con Pollo. Cats are however not allowed. While humans will have the privilege of enjoying the Brimstone Brunch Classic –Doral’s Best Benedicts, the earning will be donated to Paws4U Shelter.

The Brunch includes the Hawaiian pancakes, steak and eggs, skirt, sweet potato, huevos rancheros, sweet potato, shrimp and grits, short rib hash and breakfast flat-bread.  All of which can be paired with the restaurant $15 mimosas.

Accordingly, the restaurant is well-known for its home-cooked delicious meal, one of its kind tapas and cost-effective cocktail menu.  If you want to be adventurous, the Miami Restaurant also offers a Bartender option with intelligence mixologists bringing something unique to the table. Accordingly, you will enjoy live music in their outdoor yard.

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