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The Power Of True Love: Man Wakes Up From A Five-year Coma After His Wife Nursed Him More Than 20 Hours A Day Every Day

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The Power Of True Love: Man Wakes Up From A Five-year Coma After His Wife Nursed Him More Than 20 Hours A Day Every Day

The one true love we all seek for.

The life of 57-year-old housewife Zhang Guihuan was turned upside down that day in 2013 when she had to face the fact that her husband is in a coma. With the diagnosis that says she’ll never know when Li Zhihua, her husband, will ever wake up, Mrs. Zhang was devastated.

That day, Mr. Li was riding his scooter on his way to work when a motorcycle hit him hard. He sustained serious brain injuries in the accident and fell into a coma. His wife became his only guardian and carer. The moving story was covered by multiple Chinese news outlets such as Btime.comCover News and Pear.

The doctor who took care of him explained his condition when he arrived at the hospital: “When he was taken to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. He could not respond to anything.”

Mrs. Zhang was also told heartbreaking news: “The doctor told me it was possible that he would be in a persistent vegetative state.”

She set out to take of his husband and prove that he will recover no matter what or how long.

For the next 2000 days, Mrs. Zhang was going in and out of the hospital which turns into a daily activity. She talks to and plays Mr. Li’s favorite songs in hope to keep his brain active. The video also shows her regularly massaging and slightly slapping his body to keep the blood circulation flowing.

The doctor also encouraged what Mrs. Zhang was doing, “These things were very helpful to stimulate his nervous system.”

She was strong-willed, but due to her dedication, she had to sacrifice her sleep, spending only 2-3 hours rest every night. She lost 10 kg or about 22 pounds during the 5-year she nurses her vegetative husband. She will carefully spoon feed her spouse and press his tongue gently to tell him to chew.

He woke up 5 years later to Mrs. Zhang’s surprise in 2018. And the first thing her husband said will touch all of our heart as if he knew what his wife has been doing all those times.

“My wife, I love you.”

After regaining his consciousness, Mr. Li remained at the hospital to undergo treatment and physical therapy. He has lost his ability to talk properly, but it’s not something that can’t be recovered. The doctor has also assured that Mr. Li is very aware of his surroundings.

Head nurse Xia Li also praises the wife’s effort, saying she “taught her partner many movements and patiently demonstrated them to him without any complaint.”

The video shows Mr. Li on his regular physical therapy as he learns to walk on a frame. His wife loyally helping the man to get back on his own two feet.

Speaking of the whole experience, Mrs. Zhang’s answered, “I have never thought about giving up. As long as he is alive, I will keep caring for him.”

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