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Overprotective Wife’s List Of Very Strict Rules For Husband Going On Stag Do Goes Viral

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Overprotective Wife’s List Of Very Strict Rules For Husband Going On Stag Do Goes Viral

Stag dos often a get a bad rap – often with good reason.

Perhaps this is why most people try to keep tabs on their partners through the wild night out but one woman has gone to all new extremes to control her husband’s behavior in an upcoming stag.

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Asking her Facebook friends for advice, the concerned wife made the point of insisting that she was “more than happy for him to go” but had also compiled a list of rules to keep him on the straight and narrow while on a friend’s stag do.

Although some of the wife’s rules were perfectly reasonable suggestions- including “no illegal drugs” or gambling- she went on to ban her husband from engaging in some key stag do activities.

She added: “No alcohol- hubby doesn’t drink and alcohol leads to bad decisions.

“No strippers/dancers/women AT ALL- a lot of these men are already married.”

Additionally, the wife says that everyone attending the stag must have their phones “tracked at all times” and should “be home by midnight”.

No to mention that the men were also barred from swearing in front of others and engage in “play fighting”

Not only did she issue the following instructions to her husband – but she also wanted them to apply to his friends, too.

She shared the list to Reddit, where it quickly attracted some attention.

The anonymous and (arguably) over-protective spouse’s rules include:

  1. No illegal drugs
  2. No cigarettes
  3. No alcohol (it leads to bad choices, apparently, which is half the fun).
  4. No strippers/dancers/women at all
  5. No fast cars
  6. All phones to be tracked at all times
  7. No swearing
  8. Everyone home by midnight
  9. No hurting each other
  10. Home by midnight.
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Its not clear what options the men were left with, but having posted her 10-point-plan, the woman did in fact, take in the comments she got in response.

She later wrote: “Okay guys I have taken your feedback and your [sic] right, I can’t control him once he leaves the house and I can’t control his friends so I’ve just decided to not let him go.”

Which is a twist we didn’t see coming.

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