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Mom Takes Hilarious Before & After Photo Shows First Day Of School ‘Taking Its Toll’ On Little Girl

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Mom Takes Hilarious Before & After Photo Shows First Day Of School ‘Taking Its Toll’ On Little Girl

And you think you’ve had a rough day!

Five-year-old Lucie has always lived under the sunshine and happy. She is the youngest of four and is the only girl in the family. Her mother dressed her up in her uniform, preparing to send her to school for the first time. Excited Lucie took pictures with her brothers who are also attending school on that same day.

Little did she know what a battlefield the school can be, or at least that’s what seemed to have happened in the span of a few hours. She had donned in her new uniform with matching bow on her hair.’

Lucie with big brother.

She came home looking like she had fought trained with Captain Marvel and fought against Thanos’ army. With an exhausted, but fighting expression, it seems as if she will return tomorrow for the same activities.

Jillian from Glasgow, Scotland, her mother, said that she was surprised seeing her daughter coming home looking worse. But it could be for her tad bigger clothes and excitement from meeting friends.

“She had her skirt around her ankles almost and a bow at the back of her hair. I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends,” Jillian speaking to Metro.

The ‘wee madame’ was so excited that she decided to retreat for rest early that night. And when mom asked what she did today, she simply answered, “Oh, nothing much”. Very typical.

Lucie is also very shy in general, but she’s pretty outspoken when with her siblings. Maybe the same can be said about her with her friends? We low-key believe she might have been going through Spartan training at school.

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