Bulls Are Being Chased Into The Sea As Crowds Taunt The Animals During Spanish Festival

These pictures may shock people around the world, but not Spanish. Bulls are being chased to jump into the sea near Alicante and drown. In this 9-day festival, people purposely releases fighting bulls to be chased across the city until they jump into the sea.

Shocking pictures from Spain show bulls taunted and jumping into the seas.

This bull is being pulled up with a rope as two people try to keep the bull calm.

Another bull is seen jumping into the sea.

Man holds up a light green float as the animal is goaded to jump into the sea.

There are 15 recorded deaths since the festival began 95 years ago in 1924.

Through the second day of the controversial festival, 10 people have been injured and animal activists have been fighting against the festival.

Dozens of bulls are killed every year during the bullfighting festival.

Canary Island has ban the ‘barbaric’ festival in 1991. Catalonia followed in their footsteps in 2011.

There were 810 fights in 2008 but the number has declined to 369 just last year.

One was struck in the back by a bull but did not need to go to the hospital.

These bulls came from Cebada Gago ranch, known for their wild and savage bovine beasts.

The event kicked off as bull fighters run with tamed cattle around them.

A heifer jumping over piles of revelers.

The event is witnessed by millions, attracting one million tourists every year.

The highlight of the festival is the eight morning, called encierros.

This is an event that attracts more than a million people to the city to witness the controversial bullfighting festival. Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel Prize holder, was the first novel writer who immortalized the festival in his book.

Isabelle Ross

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