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26 Times Tourists And Travelers Show How Much Of A Jerk They Are


26 Times Tourists And Travelers Show How Much Of A Jerk They Are

How hard is it to not be an ass? Well, as it appeared for some people, it’s not easy to appear like a decent human being who loves to appreciate things. Whether that’s nature, wildlife or historical antiques. No, they just have to destroy things, disregard warnings and all they could think of are either pictures, ‘pretty things’ or excitement.

I seriously believe people should not be easily allowed passports, especially these people. They should not only be fined but also have their passports withdrawn, be deported and prohibited from traveling for the rest of their lives.

1. Oregon’s iconic ‘duckbill’ sandstone formation was protected with fence due to its instability. The ‘Pedestal Rcock’ was pushed by a group of people and broke to bits.

lauralawsonvisconti,The Oregonian

2. This baby dolphin was being passed around for SELFIES and eventually killed on a Spanish beach. What are they going to tell that little girl?


3. Chinese tourists were chasing down to the last peacock to rip out their tail feathers at Beijing Zoo.

4. Tourists broken into Longqiao Cultural and Ecological Park in Sichuan, China and pulled out all the Lotus Flowers.


5. Bison calf from Yellowstone National Park euthanized after tourists separate it from mother and began posing dangers to the community.

6. 15-year-old Chinese schoolboy scratched ‘Ding Jinhao was here’ on 3,500-year-old artwork at the Temple of Luxor, on the East bank of the Nile.


7. Tourist mobs at Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica scared olive ridley sea turtles away from laying eggs.


8. Tourists at Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in China broke off branches, picked flowers and even pulled up blooming azalea trees from the roots. Some even used to start a barbecue.


9. Tourists carved ‘SEND NUDES’ on Iceland’s popular moss-covered hill on the southern part of the island. These all started by an Icelander according to a local guide.

Bakland Ferðaþjónustunnar

10. Still in search: A pair of tourists climbed and destroyed Italian famous ‘Two Hercules’ statue in Cremona, Italy.

Николай Максимович,Corriere

11. The Statue of Saint Michael at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon was broken when a tourist was taking a selfie.


12. UNESCO world heritage site in Hampi, India of a Vishnu temple had its pillars toppled down by four people who were ‘excited’.

Kandukuru Nagarjun,PraveenMohanET

13. Chinese tourists destroy rare pink grass imported from Australia despite carer screaming for them to stop.


14. Beautiful hot spring pool in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, dubbed the ‘Morning Glory’ is now ‘Fading Glory’ due to thousands of coins and rocks thrown into it.


15. Megalithic Tomb that dates back to 2000 BC is vandalized with a Harry Potter symbol.


17. Margate Beach in UK is littered after a 500-person event was held.


18. Chinese scratchings found on corals taken by Bali Dive School Shows.

OK Divers

19. Two Indonesian tourists allegedly poured oil on 15 sculptures in La Venta Museum and Park in Tabasco, Mexico, including the ones that date back as far as 1,000 BC.

alexandersr,Jaime Ávalos/EFE

20. Tourists vandalized mosque in South Morocco.


21. Japanese Bamboo Forest full of ‘cries’ after tourists, mostly couples ‘proclaiming their love’ vandalize the bamboo trees.

Casey Yee,EbisuyaArashiyama

22. Tourists are fined 105,000 Yuan or about $15,000 after racing and chasing endangered Tibetan Antelopes for photos.


23. 130-year-old Dom Sebastiao statue in Lisbon, Portugal is destroyed after mindless tourist limbs for selfie and arrested for it.

Ewan Munro,Infraestruturas de Portugal

24. Tourist mom spotted burying used diaper on Boracay Beach.

MPBL Recap

25. Russian tourist fined $24,000 after scratching ‘K’ on Colosseum Graffiti.

Courtesy Superintendence of the Archeological sites of Rome

26. Chinese tourists destroying ancient landform of dinosaurs time.


26. Chinese tourists showing no respect to wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.


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