People Post Pics Of Sao Paulo Which Went Black During Daytime From Amazon Wildfires

Imagine taking a quick day nap and waking up in the middle of the night only to realize it isn’t. Its still day time but the sky is actually covered with such a thick layer of black smoke, barely any sun rays can pass through.

While this may sound like some sort of post-apocalyptic scene, this is actually the chilling reality for the residents of Sao Paulo Brazil who have had to experience it for a few hours.

On Monday, Sao Paulo city was completely engulfed by thick dark clouds

On Monday, the city suddenly was gradually plunged into darkness as thick clouds of black smoke from the raging Amazon wildfire engulfed the city’s sky.

meteorologist Franco Nadal Villela in an interview with the local daily said the darkening was caused by a cold front from the east of São Paulo meeting with the fine dust brought in from the fires in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Luckily, the darkening didn’t last more than a few hours before the winds blew the thick smoke away.

some residents even reported collecting rainwater that was black as tar
Sammy Brown

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