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Ethiopia Breaks World Record For Planting 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours


Ethiopia Breaks World Record For Planting 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours

Aims to plant about 4 billion trees in 2019.

Yes! Ethiopia has broken the world record for planting 350 million trees in 12 hours. With summer proving to be a time to get dirty, particularly for a good reason, many people are beginning to dig around in their backyard, watering flowers and constantly checking on their planted tomatoes.

Specifically, People in Ethiopia have dropped their respective business and teamed up as one to share a goal. As a result, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister launched a Green Legacy Initiative aimed at restoring the country’s landscape.

Aimed at also reversing the damage done by climate change and deforestation, Ethiopian officials claimed they’ve planted over 350 million trees.


Ethiopian Officials claim they planted over 350 million trees in a bid to restore the country’s landscape


Carried out on July 29th as people gathered in 1,000 sites all across the country- with the goal of planting 200 saplings, the trend was ambitious and the country’s office announced they actually planted over 350 million trees, exceeding the original plan by double.


Specifically, Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology tweeted that people who took part in Green Legacy managed to get an astonishing amount of trees planted – 353,633,660 samplings.


Officially confirmed by Guinness World Records as the Most trees planted in 24hours, the goal involved students, government officials, environmentalists to humanitarians.

Reportedly, some school and public offices were shut down for the occasion and the Prime Minister himself led by example as he made the first sapling.


Nevertheless, the country has no plans of slowing down. The government aims to plant about 4 billion trees in 2019 and has achieved 2.6 billion so far.


While Ethiopia is not alone in fighting deforestation, China has planned to increase its forest coverage to 23%.

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