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The Amazon Forest Has Been Burning For Weeks And NASA Shares Pics From Space


The Amazon Forest Has Been Burning For Weeks And NASA Shares Pics From Space

These pictures of the Amazon forest on fire will certainly scare you.

We might have to quickly evolve and learn to breathe monoxide or carbon dioxide or our species will die out. Why? Because the Amazon, the world’s biggest lung on earth, is on fire. A really big fire that will probably end the world before God plans to.

This was a fire that happened in 1989.

Don’t get me wrong – forest fire happens every year due to dry weather. And small fires aren’t troublesome. In fact, the ashes fertilize the plants, allowing biodiversity to thrive once again on the land. But only 10% of forest fires are intense, meaning the rest of them are pretty small and allows just enough for the circle of life to continue.

But this forest fire is not something to joke and grateful about – it’s happening at an extreme rate.


“Imagine how much has to be burning to create that much smoke”.

The blackout from smoke happens for more than an hour around the states of Amazonas and Rondonia. People around Sao Paulo are posting pictures on the horrible smoke covering the city, imagining how bad the fire must have been.

Some people have been calling this as a hoax, but this article and NASA pictures will assure you that it’s not and it’s a serious issue.


Leandro Matozo/GloboNews

Amazon isn’t generally easy to catch fire.

Here’s a fun fact. The Amazon is a rainforest which means it’s very humid and rarely gets too dry to the point it’ll spark a fire. But due to human activities, climate change and everything along with drought.

Add to that Jair Bolsonaro, the current President who vowed to turn the rainforest into a mining spot. Because he completely ignores deforestation issue and climate change danger.


CO concentration in South America as of now.

Of course, everyone is enraged.


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