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23 Pictures Look Unreal But They’re Definitely Genuine


23 Pictures Look Unreal But They’re Definitely Genuine

No lies, all truth!

The Internet is filled with hoax, fake news and people riling each other up for the sake of sensation, stirring up chaos and gaining exposure. But amongst the fakery that the Internet is so dense of, there are still truths in them. In fact, lies are typically based on truths and things that happen in life often exaggerated and blown up.

These 23 things look so fake and weird that people don’t think they are real. It’s so easy to fake things, but rest assured, they are definitely real no matter how weird they look.

This is a guy who has never cut his hair for 9 years.

© geshonok / Pikabu

Police in Venice has jet skis to chase after criminals!

© JeroHasCrow / Reddit

Yes, this puppy looks like it has a mustache.

© dog_rates / Twitter

Chill! This is only clouds shone by sunlight that made it looked like it exploded.

© willburn61 / Reddit

Close-up inspection of a dragonfly wing.

© Dack9 / Reddit

Every wondered what fire hydrants look like once out of the ground?

© CCCRUNKc / Reddit

That is the shadow of the plane encircled with rainbow.

© durkluf / Reddit

It’s summer and it’s freezing.

© Kvitka_ / Twitter

This is the tip of a needle from a new syringe.

© mikrofoto / Pikabu

What happened here was that lightning stroke the flag on this golf course.

© Meatymike1 / Reddit

Long-exposure of a drone with a hanging lamp as it flies through the lavender field.

© Grafixart-Photo / Reddit

Look at those tiny hummingbirds! They are flowers by the way.

© -OctopusPrime / Reddit

Mumbai’s ocean annually returns back the crap during monsoon season.

© 93arkhanov93 / Reddit

This is Strokkur geyser as it was about to shoot up.

© z312 / Reddit

There are small blueberries and big blueberries.

© u/NoCarrotsForYouu / Reddit

Close up of a new ballpoint pen.

© mikrofoto / Pikabu

This is an actual picture of the sun taken with a special solar scope and then combining 3,000 images.

© ajamesmccarthy / Reddit

Tap water is pink because of chemical leak.

© musicaljerks / Reddit

Newborn lambs are put in pouches of a specially-made saddle for donkey or mule nannies to help lambs move from high pastures down to the plains.

© GallowBoob / Reddit

This is Cucamelon. It has the taste of cucumber, but with lime juice.

© November036 / Reddit

Dinosaurs used to roam this land in France.

© kt0me / Reddit

This door in Denmark to enter a field.

© michaelsj92 / Reddit

Basketball players and their cheerleaders.

© Heart-Bubbles / Reddit

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