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This Doctor Is At War With Medical Hoax By Recruiting An Army of Health Experts

Everyone hates hoax because they confuse people and can cause chaos when nothing has actually happened. The same thing is happening with health as people are posting articles explaining how a single vegetable can cure everything or how vaccines cause autism (it’s been debunked numerous times).

But because social media has integrated into our lives, it’s so easy for fake information to be shared, causing widespread confusion.

Meet Austin Chiang whose role is to make sure that people are not becoming their own doctors with the wrong information. He’s the first Chief Medical Social Media officer in a popular hospital.

Austin Chiang

Chiang is a Harvard graduate in gastroenterologist and aside from that, he is also an avid social media user, owning an Instagram account with over 20,000 followers. The GI Doctor, or how Chiang likes to refer himself as, always emphasize on facts, case studies and journals before making claims on anything.

Here’s an example of Chiang’s fight against the anti-vaccine community:

“This is the biggest crisis we have right now in health care. Everyone should be out there, but I realize I’m one of the few,” says Chiang when asked abot what he does.

The world has people fixated on social media and what’s trending, no matter if that’s right or wrong. This mass movement towards one-cure-for-all solutions as well as inconvenient movements of not vaccinating themselves are dangerous. So much more so because these content are gaining popularity in the face of quality content backed with facts.

Yet, medical experts cannot spare more time in letting content creator dominate the most visited place on earth with medical hoax. Chiang made his move by recruiting certified physicians, nurses, doctors and health professionals to get online and drown out the hoaxes.

Chiang got this role after a series of conversation with CEO Stephen Klasko of health system. Klasko himself is an active social media user who’s straightforward in his delivery.


One hashtag Chiang has been using is #verifyhealthcare and #dontgoviral to prevent the spread of anti-vaxxer. With measles case increasing to a number that has never seen before since 2000, Klasko and Chiang are working with 3,000 other doctors to get online and educate users who typically age under 35.


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