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Netizens Sharing And Answering Weirdest Things To Exist on Earth Ever


Netizens Sharing And Answering Weirdest Things To Exist on Earth Ever

So weird, but the Internet has got your back.

It’s pretty easy to encounter something that is so weird, you are so inclined to find someone who can answer your questions. Most of the time, however, they are not intact and is only a piece of what it originally was, making it hard to guess what it is. Like the escape scene of Dobby the elf that recently went viral.

A subreddit is dedicated to allowing people to upload pictures of things they found and have others reply as to what they could be. What looks like a UFO sighting might have just been a natural phenomenon. Weird creatures caught on tape was probably just another raccoon loitering around.

1. “4in by 4in scissors. Uncomfortable to hold, in either hand, two or four fingers.”

© raybobobob / reddit

It’s a pair of scissors meant to help pre-schoolers cut things. The extra holes are for adults to co-scissor kids for their first times cutting things.

2. Houses in Trosa, Sweden, has mirrors that look back to their house

© kemcio / reddit

Do you want a convenient life? Then, you will need one of these Skvallerspegel in Sweden or Spionnetje in the Netherlands. They are little spies that allow homeowners to see what’s happening on the street from the comfort of their sofa. They are common around Scandinavia.

3. “Spain. Why are there water bottles outside all the driveways and entrances?”

© dt030 / reddit

It’s supposed to prevent homeless cats and dogs from peeing to mark their territories (although some people have claimed that it doesn’t work). Some people think it’s because you wouldn’t poop right next to your food.

4. An unusual device in a church

© NimbleHoof / reddit

This device is used to allow people to pour into multiple communion cups at once.

5. A strange shell found on a beach

© Nadeko- / reddit

It’s a sea urchin skeleton. And it’s great for decoration but incredibly delicate.

6. Balls in the walls from mid 90s

© R6Dragon / reddit

It is a termite indicator and the fact that the green ball is still there means no termite has invaded the place, yet.

7. Unusual tree “looks straight out of whoville”

© Crush409 / reddit

An American agave at its blooming stage. And it’s actually related to the asparagus.

8. Animal caught on tape near Milaca, MN

© beweak / reddit

These are predators of the weasel family and they naturally hunt porcupines for food. They are called fisher but despite the name, barely eat fish at all.

© commons.wikimedia 

9. Weird device in a shop in Manchester, UK

© Heeschenaar / reddit

It’s a folding boot jack with boot pulls. Basically, a device to help you wear boots.

10. Fossil that has taken 20 years of research and 15 minutes of Internet Q&A

© XxUFOxX11 / reddit

It could have been the ‘throat teeth’ fossil of a black croaker fish or freshwater summer.

11. “Found at antique festival near Atlanta, is 17″ by 5.5″”

© gordone1 / reddit

You roll up your newspapers into rolls and then use them to light the fireplace. Back in the days, it was a matter of whether you roll it well to make sure it burns nice and slow.

12. “Jelly fish found on the beach”

© ChilesandCigars / reddit

It’s dead, but it’s called Man of War and if you find one, you will be steering clear from it, or the next thing you realize would be complete darkness because you’re dead.

They are lethal and worst of all, they have invisible tentacles and in this picture, it could be lying around. You won’t die from stepping on a dead one, but it’ll still be painful enough to serve you a reminder.

13. Figurine washed ashore

© Saaintt / reddit

This is the Santerian Orisha Olokun and while people might think that a ship probably sunk that cause things like this to get washed ashore, it’s not. Olokun holds one snake in one hand and a mask in the other. It has to be kept in water and could have been disposed through a ritual procession.

14. Is that a meteor?!

© FrighteningJibber / reddit 

Judging from the lack of news regarding this, you might have guessed, no it’s not.

It’s a trail left by a commercial plane as it flies close to the sun. The vapor leaves the same color as the sunset, creating a beautiful blazing contrail.

15. Is this a gun toy from 50s?

© Draimen_ / reddit

If you have played Zelda and other games, you can recognize this easily. It’s an ocarina, an instrument that relies on wind to create sound. It’s pretty common to have as kids in Europe.

16. Another god?

© echinops / reddit 

It’s part of a ‘Circle of Friends’ motif for a candle holder. But most people use them for ashtrays.

© unknown / imgur

17. This beautiful small creature found during low tides in the Bahamas

© Elixer2000 / reddit

A sea sponge that doesn’t really have organs of their own and filter water that pass through for food. It also dies once exposed to air because it needs constant water flow.

18. “What is this fish with strange writing?”

© plong42 / imgur

These are iron fishes. Developing countries used to face serious iron deficiencies problem and the quick solution people came up with were fish made of iron. You literally boil them to increase your intake up to 75% of your daily needs.

The shape was to give it the ‘lucky fish’ look.

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