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Best Crypto Reddit Groups to Join in 2021


Best Crypto Reddit Groups to Join in 2021

The crucial step in investing in cryptocurrencies is to have a piece of knowledge about the Reddit groups/communities

The crucial step in investing in cryptocurrencies is to have a piece of knowledge about the Reddit groups/communities into which we are stepping in. That must be suitable for our budget with low risk and high profit.

There are several forums on Reddit dedicated to various aspects of cryptocurrency. Some concentrate on trading, some on ICO analysis, and yet others on a single coin. 

It is the beauty of the platform that you can explore a wide range of subreddits and learn a lot by devoting a little time each day to the ones that interest you the most. 

Best Crypto Subreddit Communities to Join in 2021
Best Crypto Subreddit Communities to Join in 2021

Here are some of the best Reddit groups/communities to join for crypto with knowing. These are subreddits that discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives and how to trade, use, construct, and invest in them.

Reddit Bitcoin

This Reddit forum is dedicated to anything Bitcoin. It describes the significance of Bitcoin in today’s society.

Bitcoins are administered decentralized. That is, no government, corporation, or bank is in control of Bitcoin. So if you’re interested in software technology, peer-to-peer networks, economics, or just generating money online, this community is for you.

This page is separated into two sections, rooms and posts. Joining the room is easy where two rooms are available on the site  r/Bitcoin General or r/Bitcoin Price Talk, which both have a distinct type of debate.

 There are Top Posts, New Posts, Hot Posts, and Controversial Posts in the case of posts, all of which may be viewed as Classic or Card Posts. Even though posts are not segmented, they provide essential information by the hour with concise headlines.

A major portion of the community is Bitcoin fans, and being one of the biggest Reddit communities, this is an excellent place to begin.


The crypto industry is rapidly expanding into a massive ecosystem of traders and experts aiming to profit from the rising value of cryptocurrencies. 

This is the official cryptocurrency news, conversation, and analysis site. This subreddit also controls r/CryptoMarkets, which is mostly used for open source exchanges, inflation rates, demand, and pricing, among other things. 

They also manage r/cryptodevs, the primary forum for Crypto-related developer discussion, technical debate, and current news.  

Finally, there is r/CryptoTechnology, which was founded for serious and technical debate about cryptocurrency technology and its applications. 

Cryptocurrency information is from the source. There are videos, media, and other intriguing elements available. Allows you to share content with a social community.


BTC is the place to go for the most up-to-date information about Bitcoin from all over the world. The category on Reddit offers many cool elements, including News, Rooms, Discussion, Interviews, Exclusives, and so on.

The nicest thing about this diversified group is that they respect the spirit and character of BTC as a forum for open and unfettered Bitcoin conversation without the intrusion of moderators.

It makes the best use of the social community. But it lags with only a few segments on the site.

Bitcoin Beginners

The platform is especially beneficial for novices or beginners concerned with dealing or trading in Bitcoin.

This is similar to an open community where everyone assists one other with simple to complicated queries like how the technology works, potential applications, and the best ways to trade here.

There are no attachments on the site. Because they are all questions, segments or categories are irrelevant.


A forum mostly for buying and selling nearly anything for Bitcoins, except what Reddit prohibits. 

You may be able to sell and purchase in their community as a member. This is an excellent location for exchanging anything helpful or value for Bitcoins. 

To all the traders of various Gift Cards out there, please post your cards here in return for Bitcoins. Be on the lookout for frauds at all times.

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