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Paramount Pictures Partners With London Resort Theme Park Again (New Pictures!)


Paramount Pictures Partners With London Resort Theme Park Again (New Pictures!)

‘UK Disneyland’ is shaking hand with Paramount Pictures to expand their Theme Park.

The London Resort is already one of the biggest and most luxurious theme parks to have ever been built in England. Just recently, the theme park is planning to expand and become the biggest out of all other theme parks that exist in the UK. And this after they signed a partnership with Paramount Pictures on June 27.

The London Resort itself is situated just 17 minutes from central London and is expanding 535 acres wide (equals 136 Wembley Stadiums) which includes two theme parks and a resort water park. The project will also add accommodations of up to 3,500 hotel rooms, and ‘food and drink for every taste’.

Credit: The London Resort

Paramount Pictures is representing Hollywood and joins BBC Studios and ITV Studios to bring a range of entertainment that is ‘hand-picked to create unique experiences never previously imagined.’

A comment made by the chief of London Resort Company Holdings PY Gerbeau says:

“The new partnership with Paramount is fantastic news for everyone. Now the best of Hollywood will be joining the best of British from BBC Studios and ITV Studios, to create amazing and unique experiences for the whole family.

“I am delighted to join The London Resort and to play my part in helping to create a world-class destination to rival all others. Central to that strategy is to partner with the best brands from across TV, film, music, and entertainment. Having Paramount on board is a major step towards realizing that ambition.”

Credit: The London Resort

Construction will begin in 2021 and in the press release, blockbusters of Paramount Pictures, such as ‘The Godfather’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘A Quiet Place’, were said to take part in the new rides and attractions.

These images were drawn by an artist who imagined what the new part of the London Resort is going to look like after it’s finished. Are you excited for when the theme park is finally ready?

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