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Bride Broke Down In Tears After Realizing Her Cake Was Half-Made With Polystyrene

Generally, Ladies dream a lot about their wedding day and for many, the day is usually tension-filled, excitements and high emotions rolling, making it quite difficult for some bride to enjoy their day. Even with all the disappointing moments, few brides could relate to the scenario that happened with A Filipino Bride recently.

Disheartening: 26 Years-old, Shine Tamayo was seen breaking down in tears as she realized that half of her wedding cake was made with polystyrene covered in icing.

She and her spouse, Jhon Chen, 40 had paid 140,000 Pisos, an equivalent of $2500 to their wedding/event planner to supply adequate food and drink to their guests. But discovered half of the cake was produced from Styrofoam.

Not disappointing enough, the couple upon their arrival at the church ceremony also discovered that the food was a little supplied.

Hurriedly, the pair visited a nearby restaurant across the street to purchase trays of rice, noodles and many other foods, which were to be delivered to a hotel where the reception was supposed to be held.

The Bride and Groom realized that the cake was a fraud as she cut it during their reception party in Pasig City, the Philippines.

Tamayo cut through the top layer quite easily, but her knife got stuck, meeting some resistance on the second layers, only to discover that it has been made with Polystyrene.

Jhon Chen, 40, and Shine Tamayo, 26, pictured after their ceremony

The wedding celebration was, however, an emotional disaster. The guests reacted as the bride broke down and took both the bride and caterer to a nearby police station.

The top layer of the couple’s cake was obviously real, but the bottom was extremely fake.

Caterer Krissa Cananea was seen at the police station, after being arrested the police.

The couple had paid 140,000 Pisos (£2,100) to their wedding planner to supply food and decorations

The pair were forced to serve blackcurrant squash to their guests

The pair also visited a nearby restaurant across the street to purchase trays of rice, noodles, and many other foods

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