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Mother-Of-Five Sets Her Wedding Dress On Fire To Celebrate Divorce


Mother-Of-Five Sets Her Wedding Dress On Fire To Celebrate Divorce

She was so liberated from the torture.

Alexandria Taschwer is a 27-year-old mother from Louisville, Ohio. Recently, she got a photoshoot session done to honor her freedom from her marriage. To make it special, she decided to burn her wedding dress with alcohol and pose in sexy lingerie while doing it.

This is her first professional photo shoot session where she wears her wedding dress.

Alexandria works as a Retail Assistant Manager in Louisville, Ohio and has five kids with her ex-husband. She partnered with Tarah Hamilton to set her wedding dress on fire during the photoshoot as a symbol of burning down the old life and starting out fresh.

Alex was married for eight years to her ex and they got married due to the pregnancy of her first child, Abri. They were engaged in October, 2011, had their first son in July, 2012, and got married in September 29, 2012.

Tarah Hamilton helped Alex in planning the special session: they burnt the wedding dress with alcohol.

She was also taking a bottle for herself while wearing the dress one last time.

Alex eight years ago.

After they got married, Alex and her ex-husband had four more kids within five years. With so many responsibilities on their hands, the couple began to argue more. Alex recalls the time around 2014 when she felt the biggest crack in her marriage while having Trenton.

“We started arguing all the time and things started becoming violent.”

It was after one of her kids were four months old did she escape the violence and tried to get her then-husband to sign the divorce paper. He rejected.

“In 2017, when Christian was four months old, I finally moved and tried to get him to sign divorce papers, but he wouldn’t. But during this, we were able to remain amicable with him to the point we even vacationed together last summer.”

But that didn’t last long. Her ex returned to his violent demeanor in August 2018 and after getting help from friends, he was finally arrested for domestic violence.

“I finally broke completely free.”

The process got dragged because he had to wait for his criminal charges, but he eventually filed for divorce in October 2018. The two were no more husband and wife legally in April 2019.

The ‘boudoir’-look Alex went with right after taking off the dress was killing it.

Chained no more – she declares her freedom as her wedding dress is lit up in flames.

She was officially divorced in April 2019 and that propelled her into doing something special to commemorate it.

Alex admitted that she didn’t want to talk about too many issues during the court because she just wants it over quick. It was important that she gets out of the marriage soon and be able to just start afresh.

Then, she met Tarah who listened to her request to burn her wedding dress to celebrate the day she is free. She knew Alex as a fellow baseball mom.

“I had seen many “trash the dress” shoots, but to burn it? I had to think this over,” Alex said.

It was also her first photoshoot ever to feature her in a wedding dress. Fortunately, it was one that celebrates her liberation. She never had one for her wedding ceremony before as it was in a rush.

“I was finally free after so long of being unhappy and miserable. It was like a new starting point in my life.”

They also decided to give the photo shoot a story instead of just her burning the dress.

She drags the remnant of her dress to the river.

And is now ready to close the very last page of her old, violent, unhappy life.

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