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32-Year-Old Vegan Revealed Why She Is Still A Virgin, Despite Having A Long-Term Boyfriend


32-Year-Old Vegan Revealed Why She Is Still A Virgin, Despite Having A Long-Term Boyfriend

It’s all about being happy in your own way.

FullyRawKristina recently took to YouTube on explaining her intimate lifestyle with her long-term boyfriend as well as being a raw vegan. The YouTuber’s name is Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. The beautiful 32-year-old lady who’s an influencer in promoting veganism revealed that she is still a virgin.

Kristina filmed the video back in Bali when she was 30, which means it was a clip from two years ago. She’s now into one and a half year with her boyfriend, Cash, and reveals that everything she said then still applies to herself now.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, famously known as YouTuber FullyRawKristina reveals on YouTube that she’s still a virgin.

She is a vegan who consumes only raw fruits and vegetables. She took this video two years ago in Bali, but everything still applies right to this moment.

The beautiful lady is 32 years old and has been in a relationship for one and a half year with her boyfriend, Cash.

She insists on being a ‘highly sexual’ person and despite that, doesn’t want to be pushed into something she is not yet ready for.

Kristin recently closed down her organic produce co-op, a business she had nurtured for a decade. The half Lebanese and half Ecuadorian woman grew up in a very orthodox Christian family. It was those values taught to her that she still holds on tightly to this day.

“I still uphold those beliefs and cherish them and love them. I was saving myself for marriage for this beautiful human who I still love very much. Because for me, I couldn’t’ imagine a greater gift to give my husband than the one thing that nobody else could possibly ever have from me.”

She is still recovering from a heartbreak 3 years ago. She is also struggling to forgive herself for what happened.

“Whether or not I am still saving myself for marriage, a requirement for me is that whoever I decide to give this to I must feel safe with. I want to feel like I’m deeply connected with them and loved by them,” Kristin talks about her virginity.

“This is my purity. This is a part of my soul that you’re taking, or that I’m gifting to you. It would be really nice to know that that other person cherishes you enough in a way to where they can celebrate that connection with you.”

She has been on a raw vegan diet for the past 13 years.

Despite ‘unsupportive comments’ of her virginity, she is proud to have made it this far.

Kristina has ‘numbed’ that part of herself for fear of being ‘shamed upon’.

“I want a fully committed king. I want a man. Like, I want a real man. No more little boys.”

Kristina is now done with being in relationships where everyone is immature. She is now looking for a real man who will take care of her. She wants to be treated ‘like a queen’ and for the man to only look at her. She also doesn’t think to be a strict vegan will be in the way.

“All three of my exes and the one guy that I dated all went vegan because of me. So, I feel like if you put me in a room with kings and one wanted to be with me, I’m pretty sure we would have the vegan discussion and everything would be fine. So, I am not too worried about that.”

She also added, “This is in no way a judgment to anyone who has made different choices in life, or who have experienced other traumatic experiences that weren’t their choice. This is me sharing my story, and my journey, and why I’ve been a virgin up until this point. Please know that I love you, and I am compassionate and respectful to your journey as well.”

She left an empowering note to her viewers which reached 700+k now:

“There’s so much pressure in society right now to be someone that your not and to do things you’re not ready for … and I am here to reassure you that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. This message is for everyone, both male and female.”

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