Women Lose 3 Hours’ Sleep A Night Because Of Their Partner, Study Reveals

Since the emergence of Heatwaves, the United Kingdom has been struggling to get some sleep and now some research findings have claimed that women lose three hours’ of their sleep per night, and attributed the cause to their partner.

The study, which witnessed about 2,000 British couple was conducted by Bensons for bed. It discovered that women were missing out on three hours of sleep per night, 105 hours in a year.

One out of three women acknowledged they wake up almost every night as compared to just the two out of every ten men.

Accordingly, one out of two women said they frequently sleep disadvantaged.


“Sleep and lack of sleep can have an effect on so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.”  Helen Nunn from Bensons for beds explained.

Getting a varied response, the researchers who also questioned women on the cause of their not getting enough sleep, revealed that one out of four women blamed their partner snore.

While 14 percent responded saying it was as a result of having to get up with the kids throughout the night.

One-third of women also said they feel their spouse was just too good at sleeping. The effect of not sleeping leaves about 73% of women to admit they are at their wit’s end.

One out of three women said they are now depressed due to lack of sleep.


She added: “It’s distressing to see that this study has discovered women are getting inadequate sleep and feeling more exhausted.

Stephanie Romszewski, a sleep expert with Bensons for Beds Said: “It’s really helpful for us to get into a good sleeping habit, and sure will get us through.”

Shepherd Morgan

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