Adorable Moment A Boy Comforts His Autistic Classmate On Their First Day Of School Melted Hearts Across The Internet

The picture of an eight-year-old boy from Kansas has triggered emotions on the social media with his heart touching action of comforting his new classmate who is suffering from autism on their first day in school.

On August 14, Christian Moore was pictured holding his eight-year-old classmate Connor Crites on their day one of the second grade at the Minneha Elementary School, Wichita.

Connor Crites who has a social impairment condition known as autism has been having difficulty relating or socializing in school which sums his day to a difficult one. The eight-year-old revealed to the local authorities that Christian, his classmate extended his goodwill hand to console him out of his difficulty.

Connor, the second-grader further revealed to KAKE that he was crying when his friend Christian helped him out of his difficulty. “I was happy Connor stated, Christian found me and held my hand to comfort me from my difficult situation and I got happy about his action”, he added.

On August 14, Christian Moore was snapped holding the hand of Connor Crites in an attempt to console him from crying on their first day at the Minneha Elementary School in Wichita

Connor Crites have been suffering from autism which is a socially impaired condition and has been having difficulty all through his first day at the Kansas elementary school

Christian’s mother, Courtney Moore, who saw the entire occurrence noted that the two have created an intimate bond from this heart-touching moment.

Courtney Moore, Christian’s mother shared on Facebook that it was an honor to have raised such a nice kid

Connor’s mother, April Crites shared a thankful message and also added that she worries every day that Connor might get bullied for being different only for her to be touched by Christian’s heart-warming action.

According to Christian’s mother, the two are now intimate friends

April Crites shared a thankful message and noted how worried she usually gets for Connor every day he leaves for school. She noted that Christian’s action really warmed her heart

‘Thank you so much, ma’am, for raising such a wonderful child,’ the second grader’s grandmother, Daisy Harjo, declared

Students comfort an autistic student on his first day at school

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