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30 Pictures That Will Definitely Trigger People Real Hard


30 Pictures That Will Definitely Trigger People Real Hard

People can be real jerk.

Is it hard to be a nice person? No. It’s as easy as don’t mess around with other people and try to stay away from being a jerk. It means throw out your own trash, clean up after your own, keep your kids under control and basically, be reasonable.

But some people aren’t. They are selfish beyond understanding – we are all selfish to a point for survival and well-being, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of other’s mental health and happiness. It shouldn’t be hurting the environment of the ecosystem.

So, TRIGGER WARNING, but we know you’d want to see who these jerks are and to call them out when you get the chance to!

1. Parents came with kids who made a mess like this they didn’t stop their kids.


2. Kids made a mess inside a theater and did not clean up after themselves.

3. Lady used bread for kneeling and left them on the floor after it.

4. There’s only one cleaning personnel in this building and she have had enough.

5. Are you Gollum?

6. She parks wherever she feels like and now emergency workers are facing difficulties.

7. The aftermath of a celebration that used plastic petals before this man cleaned up the mess for half an hour.

8. Woman ruins plants in Garfield Park Conservatory despite repeatedly asked to stop – gets escorted out in the end.

9. Lady throws pistachio shells on the floor during flight.

10. Woman sits on piles of apples in Walmart.

11. Kid is watching movie at max volume and parents let him be.

12. This woman changing diaper inside a restaurant.

13. Woman with hot box decided to monopolize the only fan inside a hot, warm room.

14. Couldn’t help with throwing the trash away when it’s literally 4 feet away.

15. Someone threw away all the Community Electric Scooters into the water.

16. This lady getting ready to cut the line.

17. This lady licked the top part of an ice cream, closed the lid and put it back into the shop’s freezer.

18. A soccer field that parents have been paying to maintain for got ruined by a donut truck.

19. One lady, two bus seats while others stand.

20. Passengers who decided to just throw their trash on the aisle in the middle of a flight.

21. Random flying arrows #x.

22. It’s cool. He’s just throwing those trash so the person who took the picture (janitor) can clean them up.

23. This is a library. Whose kids are those?

24. Everyone has their assigned space and a nutjob got assigned as poor 111B’s neighbor.

25. Yep, gonna park close enough where we can ding them instead.

26. Kids have been running around putting salt shakers in his mouth while mom keeps phoning.

27. Whoever loves the smell of feet while watching games?

28. Twelve seats, crowded airport, three people.

29. Now the whole neighborhood knows they are having a baby boy and that they never clean up after themselves.

30. Man sat through two green lights because intersection is blocked.

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