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Having Depression Symptoms? Try Out The Mediterranean-Style Diet

Depression is regarded as a persistent loss of enjoyment in activities once loved. The aftermath results to despair and lethargy, lack of interest as well as sleeping problems. Since what we consume affect the various body functions, it is then logical to say that diet actually affect your mood and chemistry (though scientifically backed). The Mediterranean style –diet has however long been associated with longer life and reduced chances of cancer. Now, the diet might also help you fight against depression, a new research suggests.

Scientists in Greece has now discovered that highly rich vegetables diet and a lower alcohol and poultry food – the two trademarks for the Mediterranean diet is linked with decreased likelihood of having the symptoms of depression or even been diagnosed of depression in the future.


Disclosed at the American Psychiatric Association 2019 Annual Meeting in San Francisco two days back, the Mediterranean diet is an eating pattern that focuses on foods that include Vegetables, Fish and Olive oil. While it is regarded as a well-balanced eating plan, the diet can also help prevent some chronic illness. Importantly, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes eating fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, spices, yogurt, nuts, legumes, olive oil and flavorful herbs and getting plenty of exercises. A diet decision that improves the body will certainly improve the brain.

Similarly, foods like white bread, margarine, red meat, processed meat and fried foods can cause swelling in the body and should be consume minimally or avoided. Cheer Up! Here’s Your Solution⬆

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