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Bali Decides To Send Begpackers Back To Their Embassies

Countries in Asia, particularly the Southeastern parts, are seeing more scenes like this.

“I’m traveling around the world. I need cash for the trip. Please, help me!”

Source: koryodynasty/Twitter

In case you don’t read Korean, the piece of cardboard she’s holding reads: “I’m traveling around the world. I need cash for the trip. Please, help me!” She also supposedly doesn’t speak English.

Introducing a new job for travelers: the begpackers. These are backpackers who travel, but not with enough budget and end up either scraping for trash or begging for money. Many of them are Caucasians, coming with reasons like they lost their money and/ debit card and need to eat/return to their home country or even to fund their trips.

Source: koryodynasty/Twitter

Meanwhile, flashing branded items such as that analog watch and the fancy bag from Mango.

Source: koryodynasty/Twitter
Source: koryodynasty/Twitter
Source: koryodynasty/Twitter

These have been so common in several South East Asian countries that there can be a whole thread dedicated to these people.

Source: koryodynasty/Twitter

Hence is why Bali is going to round up these begpackers and send them back to their respective embassies. Setyo Budiwardoyo, head of Intelligence of the Immigration Department, speaks regarding this growing issue:

“Foreign tourists who run out of the fund or pretend to are going to be sent off to each their own embassies who supposedly claim to be protecting their citizens.” He also added that a lot of these tourists went as far as feigning insanity in Bali.

“Every time we receive these cases, we have to spend our budget on funding their daily needs. To be frank, I am not exactly excited to fund the fakers. We usually inform their embassies that ‘we have found a citizen of yours who [needs] your help. We are handing this person over to you’,” Budiwardoyo explained.

“So that it will be added not to ours, but their expenses, ” he added.

Tourists that recently wreck havoc with their begging activities in Bali recently come from Australia and England and there has been a surge in those from Russia.

Source: StayAnni/Twitter

And here’s a tweet that was happy of the impromptu busking, but the subsequent replies are not.


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