Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Marries Lauren Hashian In Amazing Hawaii Ceremony

Finally, after 12 years together and another daughter, the pair could finally tie the knot at a beautiful site in Hawaii. The 47-year-old ‘Jumanji’ actor surprised us all by posting their wedding pictures on Instagram just a few hours ago with the caption: ‘We do.’

It looks so scenic, perfect and simple. Lauren was in a beautiful, dazzling laced dress with low-cut V neckline, holding a bouquet of white and cream flowers. Johnson was in all white, complementing Lauren’s white wedding dress.

The couple has been raising Jasmine, three, and Tiana, 15 months together and got together since 2007. The pair had planned to have their wedding in the Spring of 2018 but Lauren discovered that she was pregnant.

Dwayne Johnson explained why her 34-year-old actress of a wife decided to postpone.

“We were going to get married in the spring and we got pregnant. Lauren felt like, well, you know, mama [doesn’t want] to take pictures being pregnant in a wedding dress, so we’re just going to wait and not quite sure when, but I know it’s going to happen,” Johnson said to Rolling Stone magazine.

“The great thing with Lauren is she’s such a rock star. She’s just like, “It’s alright, whenever it’s going to happen we’re going to make it work”,” he continued.

The Rock was previously married to his now-manager, Dany Garcia. They split in 2007 and have since decided that they were better off has friends.

This is pretty surprising considering his schedule has been so tight for multiple projects he’s involved in. After finally finishing with touring for ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, he has to be ready for ‘Jumanji 2’ and has to film for ‘Red Notice’ and other big projects as well.


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