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Pour, Drink and Whirl, Meet Microsoft AI-Created Whisky


Pour, Drink and Whirl, Meet Microsoft AI-Created Whisky

Available in Autumn 2019.

Whiskey or Whisky as the world calls it is recognized as a popular drink among the many. Ranging from the Japanese Whisky to American and Irish Whisky, lovers of Whisky are frequently spoilt with option and choices. Likewise, with different styles to including Rye Whisky, Grain Whiskey, Single Malt Whisky, Blended Whisky Malt Whisky and many others, the choices are equally many for the Whisky Enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, Sweden based –Mackmyra Whisky founded in 1999 has gone one step ahead to produce a special kind of whisky recipe using an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cheers to FourKind, and Microsoft, it is the first time an AI is being used to automate and augment the most time-consuming and stressful step of producing Whisky.

Should in case you are wondering how this milestone was achieved, here’s an update:

The distillery’s machine learning models running of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing platform and AI cognitive services were fed raw related statistics – sales numbers, historical recipes and customer preferences for whisky production. Microsoft however assisted in creating an AI system that can predict the myriad permutations of which would really taste good.

Posted on Mackmyra website, it was disclosed that the process is faster than the manual process and equally capable of introducing new combinations due to its AI’s ability to calculate and scrutinize through large amount of flavor combinations that even human blenders can’t come up with.

Specs, Available When?

The new created AI is however seen in a golden yellow color that smells like toffee and cream vanilla. It also has fine oloroso tones as well as apple, pear and citrus fruit taste. The AI-generated whisky will be available in Autumn 2019 and according to the distillery, this will be first complex product recipe that has been created with a machine – Whisky is however just the beginning.

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