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This Celebrity Wears 16 Litre Bin Bags To BAFTA Awards


This Celebrity Wears 16 Litre Bin Bags To BAFTA Awards

She slayed the red carpet, raised awareness, and helps support the food bank.

Everyone wants to look fabulous on the red carpet and BAFTA Award is one of those place where you can flaunt your best dress, suit, diamond heels, or boyfriend. But there is one artist who thinks differently and brought about her environmental message to the mass.

Daisy May Cooper, BAFTA 2018 Award winner for Best Female Comedy Performance, walks through the red carpet in a long, shiny dress made of bid bags. Yes, the professional writer wants to spread the message of the danger of plastic to the mass by dragging 16 litres of a mess on her outfit.

Credits: Alpha Press

Of course, people were shocked when she walks in and makes huge rustling noises, but everyone gets her message loud and clear.

She includes a lot of snacks packaging, rubber gloves and cups to make her point, and guess who is the designer and maker behind her dress!

It was the 33-year-old’s mother who worked on her unusual outfit and she didn’t forget to include a dustbin lid on her head complete with a pigeon.

Daisy May Cooper wearing a bin at the Bafta TV Awards
Credits: Rex

Daisy’s outfit goes in line with her choice to rather donate what she’d spent on hundreds of thousands of dollars dress to the event. She may not have the best dress on the event, but we’d say that within that budget, we can have a red carpet look with plastic bins and hailed as heroes.

Daisy commented about how long it took to create the dress.

“My mum and her two friends concocted this in about three days which is amazing.”

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