15 Interesting Facts About Introverts That Most People Don’t Understand

Not very many people understand the behaviors of introverts. They might be considered odd, but if you ask any introvert; this might be a good thing. To extroverts being an introvert seems very odd, how else do you explain deriving pleasure from lack of company for unspecified periods of time?

There are many things people would never guess about introverted people. Even an introvert may not know others do the same things until they read about them. Here are some widely unknown facts about introverts.

1. They make themselves laugh

They prefer their own company at times which at most times involve spending an insane amount of time toying around with their thoughts and ideas. They do love daydreaming, creating, reading, watching a movie, relaxing, and they genuinely make themselves laugh at times.

They may make others laugh too but that’s only if they are willing to be comfortable around their silence and enjoy their sense of humor

2. They need to be alone to recharge

This has been shared time and again in memes. Introverts need to be alone to recharge. People tend to think that introverts are shy, socially awkward individuals or plain boring. Well, this is quite contrary to what they are.

Introverts value genuine relationships and will have deep conversations at length. They are not shy but will avoid meaningless talks at all cost. They prefer a small but closer group of friends and will need some “alone time” to recharge after putting on a front for others.

3. They like people and they don’t

Introverts make the best friends because they get to know others better. They enjoy others’ presence when they are comfortable enough to sit with them in silence. They like getting to know the real side of others and will definitely stay away from people faking their personalities.

Introverts despise gossip or meaningless talk and will avoid such people at all cost This double-edged sword creates a world of always wondering which category people fall in.

 An introvert knows quickly who they want to be a friend and who they don’t.

4. They wished others loved them as deeply as they do

Since introverts spend a bulk of their free time thinking, they also tend to love deeply due to their interest in the other person. Most often, an introvert loves their partner more than their partner loves them. They think about their partner many times throughout the day, they want to know them better and think of ways to make them happier.

5. Loyalty is a big deal to them

If an introvert takes an interest in you, then they like you a great deal. Friendship isn’t a joke to them, meaning they invest a lot of time, love, kindness and more in you. In return, they expect you to stick around and be a true friend, which means you shouldn’t blow them off, or otherwise betray them.

Betraying an introvert’s trust cuts them deeply since they have a rigorous criterion that often revolves around love and trust to become friends with them

6. They don’t like unexpected visitors

They don’t like and anticipate unexpected visitors. It’s not rude or anything, just that They have their time mapped out.

Introverts always have their days planned out and random distractions could come out as very annoying. They have put a lot of thought into how they want their day to go. If you unexpectedly visit, you throw it all off.

They might also not have the energy to prepare for an unexpected visit since it means you will be infringing on their “alone time”

7. They’re not necessarily bored even if they look like they are

An introvert can have fun without jumping all over the place. In fact, an introvert is rarely bored because they’re deep in thought most of the time. Their thoughts keep them from boredom. They’re creative types that get energized and focused from solo activities.

An introvert can be absolutely thrilled while sitting still, and you wouldn’t know the difference.

8. They like sending time with their kids but they need some downtime too

Kids come along with their own personalities, which means that they can be extroverted. Family activities are fun,  but an introvert still needs alone time from their kids to recharge.

Introverts also make some of the best parents and counselors because often, their answers to life are well-thought.

9. Every once in a while they need to get out

Introverts don’t like to be alone all the time. Every once in a while, they like to go out and see new sights.

introverts, however, are not into superficial friendships and small talk. After they’ve been out for a while, they need alone time again until they are ready to face the extroverted world again.

10. Attention-seeking behaviours annoy them

Introverts get easily annoyed by people who act fake in order to get attention. They don’t understand why someone would crave to be the center of others’ attention.

Ironically, since Introverts are deep thinkers it makes them great, motivational speakers. Much as they might love to teach crowds of people, they may particularly avoid after-meeting conversations and catching up with others.

11. They won’t answer the phone if they don’t know who’s calling them

They also won’t answer the phone if they know who it is at times. It’s nothing personal, but there could be a host of reasons they might not receive that call. They could be going through something and need to think about it. They might be in the middle of a project, or they’re just not in the mood to have a lengthy conversation. Also, They’d rather text something that will take a couple of minutes rather than talk on the phone about the same thing.

If they do take your call, take it as a huge compliment.

12. They’re usually not judging you

An introvert is quiet, observant and in deep thought most of the time. When they’re out in public, they usually look around at everyone. At times, just for amusement and  At other times, they’re getting a feel for what’s going on.

For extroverts, this might come out as extremely judgy or even creepy but most times, this is not the case. An introvert might have his eyes fixated on you but thinking of something completely different.

13. They easily get distracted

Introverts enjoy working in quiet environments, away from others or excess stimuli. They get distracted by certain noises that might totally be avoided by others if in the same room.

water dripping from a faucet, non-rhythmic clatter and a variety of sounds can be pretty annoying to an introvert. Soothing sounds don’t bother them. Movement in their range of sight can serve as distractions too.

14. They’re not in a bad mood

Their brains are constantly on the go. An introvert is usually thinking about something and they do this all day long.. When someone sees an introvert, they invariably form an opinion that they’re in a bad mood when nothing could be further from the truth, often more than not, they are just immersed in their own thoughts.

15. They can be the life of the party, sometimes

It doesn’t mean they crave for attention. They might do so out of politeness, because of needing to be a good host. An introvert has the ability to entertain people. They just don’t always like doing so.

  To entertain a crowd at a party, You have to talk about trivial things and resort to surface material which frankly, introverts don’t enjoy doing. It requires grand gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. An introvert is capable of all of this, but it can make them cringe over having to do it.

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