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30 Comics Depict What Would Happen If Disney Movies Were Realistic

Undoubtedly, we all love Disney animations. From our very within, Disney animations bring smiles to its viewers, light up the day and more importantly, teach us some truth about life itself. Nevertheless, have you ever pondered on what these cartoons would appear as if some of the fairytales were to be replaced with a dose of reality.

If you have never imagined the aforementioned, an Artist named Santiago Esparza has however done. Also recognized as Moniker Sanesparza, he has compiled a series of funny comics about what Disney animation would appear like if the movies were realistic and these will certainly have you in stitches to rethinking everything you’ve learned and seen in some of your Disney’s favorite movies.

Warning! Be ready to experience a shock!

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#1 Lady And The Tramp

#2 Sleeping Beauty

#3 Beauty And The Beast

#4 Aladdin

#5 The Little Mermaid

#6 The Jungle Book

#7 Tarzan

#8 Snow White

#9 Lady And The Tramp

#10 Tangled

#11 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

#12 The Lion King

#13 Pinocchio

#14 Cinderella

#15 Alice In Wonderland

#16 Cinderella

#17 Alice In Wonderland

#18 Frozen

#19 Peter Pan

#20 Lilo & Stitch

#21 The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame

#22 101 Dalmatians

#23 Pinocchio

#24 101 Dalmatians

#25 Tarzan

#26 The Nightmare Before Christmas

#27 The Emperor’s New Groove

#28 The Princess And The Frog

#29 Wreck-It Ralph

#30 Dumbo

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