5 Most Popular And Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Today, the cryptocurrency market offers many crypto exchange platforms to investors to buy and sell crypto assets. There is a lot of excitement in traders as they look to earn big bucks in a New York minute. But the process of choosing the best exchange out of the lot can be exhausting.

Here is a consolidated list of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms to help you get started –

1. Coinbase

  • Apt for new traders, it is one of the largest crypto exchanges with a trading volume of nearly $335 billion per quarter. 
  • Considering the ease of payments through credit and debit cards, this exchange is a user-friendly option through which you can withdraw or sell using a PayPal account.
  • Highly encrypted for security, it uses two-step verification to log in and biometrics for accessing payment wallets.
  • Available in over 100+ countries, it supports 51 cryptocurrencies.
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

2. Binance

  • With a huge user base, Binance is a globally popular and the largest exchange with an easy and fast set-up process for traders. 
  • It supports over 200 digital cryptocurrencies with buying and selling in fiat currencies that makes it more accessible than its competitors. 
  • It is light on your pocket with a very low fee between 0%-0.1% for trading in crypto. 
  • Binance Coin (BNB) holders get a trading discount of 25%.
  • It enables the opportunity to earn a passive income using the Binance Savings Account.

3. FTX

  • It is a derivative exchange to leverage capital to earn large profits. 
  • It is more advisable for professional traders to invest via FTX tokens, as the more potential it holds, the more risk it carries. 
  • The FTX future platform lets users use leveraged tokens that can be traded on the options market. 
  • FTX uses a small amount of capital as the initial investment.
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

4. Kraken

  • Founded in 2012, Kraken is a high liquidity offering exchange that makes for an easy-to-use and trade platform.
  • It supports transactions of about 50 cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, altcoin, and fiat.
  • The platform is primarily designed for trading by professionals with advanced features like margin trading, dark pool trading, leveraging, and other options.

5. eToro

  • This exchange is a regulated platform operating in over 150 countries worldwide.
  • It stands apart in simplicity with its innovative application, designed to create a personalized trading experience as per the level of the trader.
  • It can be easily used across various devices, making it a convenient option for beginners to start cryptocurrency trading. 
  • Some of its attractive features include a Social Investors Community, premium quality and speed, real-time market research, risk management, analyzing investor portfolios, and other tools. 

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