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Having a bad day? Alvin Juano Is Here To Make It Worse With His ‘Square Comics’

When people talk about comedic comics, you might be thinking of cheap pranks, light insults, and just funny remarks. Well, Alvin Juano, 25, has a rather dark humor taste and decided to show them in forms of square comics. He uploads his works on his Instagram account, @thesquarecomics, and so far has 438k followers.

Needless to say, they are not the type of comics that Alvin’s mother would approve. Or any of our parents would. But they’d be reading these in secret as well.

Alvin is based in Jakarta, Indonesia now. People always wonder how he got his ideas, but when he tries to explain them, you know the answer is the same with any artist. Ideas pop up at random times, so he’s always sketching them out first and try to choose which one he should use. Sometimes, he’d ask for his friend’s opinions and sometimes he’d go against them and post it anyway. (Makes you wonder what’s the point at all.)

Alvin started his square comics in 2014. His dark humor is loved by adults mostly because they are closer to the reality that we live in. Similar to looking at your sad, boring, uneven life from the humorous side.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy these comics to make your day better (or worse?). And we won’t disturb your self-deprecating moments by adding any more information in the midst of the comics.

1. Keep Trying

2. Mrow the worm

3. How to start a life

4. Treasure Chest

5. Detective Dog

6. Being with nature

7. How to cheer up

8. Stop

9. Help

10. Oh star

11. Jimmy

12. Real me

13. Face

14. Alone

15. Alarm Clock Life

16. Water

17. Cup of noodles

18. Superpower

19. Why

20. The right path

21. Decision

22. Friday nights

23. Motivation 101

24. An Ant

25. Failure

26. Rich

27. Motivational

28. Reason to live

29. Bzz bzz

30. Artistic T-Rex


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