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Here’s A Secret You Never Knew About The Fashion Industry


Here’s A Secret You Never Knew About The Fashion Industry

No slightest clue until now.

Currently, the Fashion Industry is fanatical with outward appearances and rarely do we the consumers and clients of so many fashion tycoons and designers ever wonder what’s on the inside. Where does the waste from all fibres and fabrics go? Are they burnt? Are they thrown away uncontrolled? If yes, how are they affecting our environment?

Here’s the Secret:

The hundreds of thousands of fibers and fabrics that make up your cloth have led to an estimated 1.4million trillion plastic fibers seen around the ocean. If you don’t believe this, make your investigation. I bet you would come back referencing this article. Nevertheless, the fashion industry has had a huge impact on the environment – no slightest clue until now.  

Reportedly, it is responsible for about 20 percent of global wastewater, 10 per cent of the huge amount of waste and carbon emissions. With garbage truck filled with textiles being incinerated, its effect is on the upsurge on the physical environment. If this is not damaging enough, your clothing is currently polluting oceans with plastic and it’s affecting Aquatic life dead zones.

Way Forward

Fabric/Fiber Cutter

Majorly, it is suggested in a UN report that manufacturers as well as designers need to change the way fibres and fabrics are made. Importantly, they need to develop new materials and replace the traditional cutting method with an ultrasound or laser cutting. This will, however limit the amount of fibrous waste polluted in the environment.  Equally, finishing treatments like coating has also proven it can reduce shedding by up to 50 per cent; this could also limit the release of microfibre. Save Our Environment, Save the world.  

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