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Here’s What You Should Know About Apple’s WWDC 2019


Here’s What You Should Know About Apple’s WWDC 2019

Yes! Apple at its World Wide Developers Conference in June 2019, plans to introduce boatload of new features, apps as well as development tools. As compared with WWDC 2018, Apple plans to introduce a new option that allows words to be formed by dragging a finger over the keyboard, as can be done with Android phones and with iPhone apps like Swift Key, Speed improvements and interface changes, such as new animation when launching multitasking and closing apps, and a cleaner appearance for the widget that appears when scrolling to right from the home screen.  

A Dark Mode with a black and gray screen for night viewing for its mobile devices. Equally, it plans to allow the usage of an iPad as an auxiliary screen for a Mac and also introduces a refreshed health app with  a new home page, a section on hearing health, and s revamped Apple Books app with an updated progress tracker and a new rewards system.

Similarly, Apple plan to also update its iMessage and Maps apps. Its update  of iMessage will let a user choose a profile picture and display name and control who sees it. Users will be able to send sticker versions of Animojis and Memojis from the conversation view. On the other hand, The remodeled Maps app will make it easier to set frequent locations. Apple’s Two location apps titled; Find My Friends and Find My iPhone, will be folded into one, and the iOS mail app will be able to mute threads and block mail from specific contacts. It also will provide simpler folder management. Sounds interesting right!!

Furthermore, a new system-wide Sleep Mode for iOS will tie into a refresh of the bedtime tab in the Clock app. Bedtime currently tracks some sleep patterns, but the new version offers more capabilities.While Apple will also ensure a better accessibility setting and will make it’s iOS and macOS cozier, it also plans to incorporate an App Store App that can be downloaded directly into a watch. Other features that will be in the watch include a Voice Memo app for dictating messages, Animoji and Memoji stickers, An Apple Book app, as well as a calculator app among others. So watch out!!

Nevertheless, as we wait to see Apple new apps and features next month, the company can decide to push back some features until 2020, just as they did last year.

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