Sir David Attenborough’s Surprise Appearance At Glastonbury Is To Warn Plastic Pollution

The massive festival at Glastonbury has been graced by the appearance of Sir David Attenborough, one person that surely people can ignore differences among themselves for. A surge of applause rained the area as Sir Attenborough walks onto the Pyramid Stage.

The 93-year-old was a warm-up greeting to Kylie Minogue and before he appears, slides of beautiful marine creatures were on the screen. He commented on the fact that the ‘festival has gone plastic free’, a beautiful ripple effect from ‘Blue Planet II’.

Credit: BBC Earth

And he’s nowhere, not just to praise, but announce of a new documentary video. Below is his speech talking in the excitement of it:

“The oceans cover two-thirds of this planet of ours. There’s one third that we occupy all the time, the land, that covers only one-third of the globe.

“There are seven great continents on which we human beings live. Each of them has its own marvelous creatures, birds, mammals, and animals of all kinds. Each of them has its own glory, each of them has its own problems.

“We have been making for the past four years a series about those things. About those seven very different continents. It starts later this year. It’s called the Seven Worlds One Continent.”

Credit: BBC Earth

The nonsensical title quickly sunk in following the crowd’s muted applause and Sir Attenborough corrected himself: “Seven Worlds, I should say, One Planet.”

Credit: BBC Earth

Excited, aren’t we?

Layla Collins

Smartphone and nature enthusiasts.

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