These 40 Best Spot-On Cosplays Will Make You Think They Were Real

It is much rarer to see individuals that are able to resemble similar characters, thus it’s not every day you’ll see someone doing Cosplay. The resemblance hasn’t only begun with the outfit; it goes as far to using make-up as well as even looking exactly same with the character. Many of these individuals spend a lot of time and monies to achieve such similar looks and in making their personal outfits. 

According to records, artists spend months making their costumes perfect.  Some even undergo trainings by going on diet to earn same body and shape like the character in the case study. Undoubtedly, it is a challenge, but satisfying at the end.

We at Waterballoon has, however compiled a collection of best 40 Cosplay costumes of familiar cartoon. Ranging from grandmas to youngies, all were done perfectly with the exact appearances down to 99.5%. Importantly, some are from our favorite cartoons. You certainly will appreciate them.

#1 This sexy chick will make a man turn his head twice and more

#2 Granny and her beloved pet dog

#3  Check out this sexy Ladybug

#4 Meet the iconic school girl. Doesn’t she look amazing?

#5 Exact with every edge and style

#6 This real human looks very much better. Do you agree?

#7 Velma, you such a beauty!

#8 Check out these eldest foster girl from Gru

#9 She really did nailed it

#10 We’ve known that Ben is always cute

#11 That skin color is the right spot

#12 An adorable little lamb

#13 Once you see these couples across the street

#14 Boss Baby!! Let babies rule the world

#15 Not Just any woman can Cosplays these!

#16 Slaying queen – Pretty puppy

#17 She has got the nice mask

#18 Seen walking down the street –the 90’s era

#19 This actually stunning

#20 Pretty Bug Bunny Appears

#21 Didn’t expect a cutie – but this gu- character has got some swag

#22 The face a perfect match

#23 That eye says it all

#24 Damn! The right Cosplay fitting character

#25 Now, she looks sweet and not annoying

#26 Nailed the hair and look

#27 Cosplaying as a couple

#28 The fairy Oodparents are here

#29  Stepmother still physically evil and nasty

#30  I killed it! She rocks

#31 Too cute bunny

#32 Gru girl is here

#33 Aww! She looks terrifying

#34 The evil godmother most of us known

#35 Our very own nicest godmother

#36 This partially works

#37 Same expression, Same face – scary

#38 With face and all, she has got the exact pose

#39 Really, who could have done this better

#40 Admit it, she has got the vibe


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