This Canadian Woman Breaks World Record For Longest Plank After Holding It For Over 4 Hours

How long can you plank? Just in case you don’t know what planking is, it’s one of the most tiring exercises where you basically don’t move at all. People typically plank for only a few minutes since it really consumes a lot of energy around your abdomen and can be tiring on your hands and hurt your elbow.

Below is an example of planking done by a Canadian woman who broke the record of the longest planing by a woman.

Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram

Dana Glowacka broke world’s record on May 18, 2019, by setting the bar of the longest abdominal plank in the world at 4 hours 20 minutes. Some people think that it’s totally awful to spend more than 4 hours doing nothing (well, Glowacka got to have a smartphone with her throughout the time, so it probably wasn’t that bad).

If you have tried planking before, you know that at one minute mark, your whole body begins to shake. And within a few seconds, the shakes get more violent and you just had to let go.

Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram

In one of her post, while training for the record-breaking time, she wrote: “My first long plank was 4min focused to get out of my mind…to a space where I can feel a movement. My #setgoals was always with the numbers. I play with them… In the beginning, it was a songs playlist that keeps me up. One is about 4min long that always rock my plank forgetting time. You have to put your mind in something that will let you rock your world with the plank on and countdown days.”

Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram

During her world record-breaking, her brother also managed to spend 24 hours to reach the location to tap the start button.

“My brother surprised me with a literally 24 hours trip to just support me and push the button of starting and ending line of the new world record set for the Longest Abdominal Plank of 4hrs, 20min. Here he is…my brother, standing strong by my side like an Angel.”

Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram
Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram

Glowacka has also been working out with previous 12 times record-breaking abdominal plank record holder, George Hood and in one of her training, she managed to plank for 4 hours and 33 minutes!

Credit: dbg_plankdoyoga/Instagram

So, who’s up to spend 4 hours getting fit and beating her record?

Hadley Stewart

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