This Inflatable Irish Pub Is The Ultimate Boozy Bouncy Castle For Grownups

Any beer lover understands the ultimate dream is enjoying a quality pint of Guinness inside an actual, authentic Irish tavern. But unfortunately for those of us located on the wrong side of the pond, flights to Ireland don’t come cheap, so we have to make do with what we have here.

In the absence of Irish taverns wouldn’t it be great if you could get that same pub experience in your own backyard?

A Boston-based company is the brainchild of the world’s first inflatable Irish pub, so you can enjoy that pint with friends anywhere and everywhere — the Only requirement is you have a level ground to set the pub on

According to the company’s website, renters will get the ultimate “Irish experience”, especially if they opt for some of the optional accessories

In addition to the pub, renters can also opt to have traditional Irish food, drinks, and entertainment onboard as well as hire staff who are “certified and seasoned in the time-honored trade of the traditional Publican.”

The 33 feet pub can accommodate about 80 party goers who will experience  the ultimate traditional Irish culture

However, if the pub is too large, the company also has smaller-sized  options to suit clients with fewer guests

Renting the structure alone without the optional additions of food, drinks, and entertainment costs around $435.

The inflatable pub is as safe as it can be; especially when the alcohol gets a little too good and you find yourself stumbling around. If you run into a wall, you just bounce right back off again.

Sammy Brown

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