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With Cryptocurrency, You Can Now Pay Your AT&T Bills


With Cryptocurrency, You Can Now Pay Your AT&T Bills

Other retailers are keying into the idea.

Thanks to a brilliant partnership between BitPay payment service and mobile operators, you can now pay your AT&T bills using Cryptocurrency. Paying with myAT&T app or through the AT&T website, the announcement didn’t however specify which type of cryptocurrency will be accepted. Lists of supported currencies suggested on BitPay’s website include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Paxos, Circle’s US Dollar Coin and Gemini USD.

While AT&T had proudly advertise itself as the first mobile operator in the United States to accept cryptocurrency, retailers like Nordstrom, GameStop and Whole Foods have equally announced they will hence be accepting payment via the network Flexa using cryptocurrency.

Early adopters of Cryptocurrency

In time past, several companies had withdrawn support for cryptocurrency payment as a result of volatility and high fees. Companies that accepted Bitcoin back in 2016, which used BitPay as a payment partner later announced their end support for cryptocurrency toward fourth quarter of 2017 – mainly as a result of making less than one percent of the total payment as earnings.

Even when companies are not accepting cryptocurrency, a larger fraction of the world population didn’t however bother. Only a fraction keyed into the idea and at the long run, some opted out while some are still ready to face the cryptocurrency world hurdles.

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