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Woman Chooses A Dog’s Name And Demands Name Change For The Dog

Names are forms of universally known identity which goes for both humans and pets. When we have a new baby or a new pet, we generally want to give them a name by which they are called and known. Some people have an amazing way of choosing names for either their babies or pets.

While some people go for just simple and well-meaning names, some other persons find it difficult to carry out this task of name-giving. As a result of this seeming difficulty, some people result in the use of funny tactics and means in choosing names for their pets and youngsters.

A pregnant woman who believed her yet to be born baby is going to be a baby girl has been having issues with giving her soon to be born baby girl a suitable name.

smerikal  – This is not the actual picture.

The woman surprisingly came up with a funny idea on how to name her girl. She sent a message to Jennay who was innocently happy for the woman’s expected baby girl.

Jennay congratulated the woman whom she claimed she never knows too well in person. The pregnant woman then made a demand, requesting Jennay to change her dog’s name from Tilly because she intends to name her unborn baby with the name Tilly which sounds very much like Jennay’s dog.

Jennay was astonished by the pregnant woman’s request to change her dog’s name

Astonished Jennay replied the woman that she is not ready to change her dog’s name because they don’t really know themselves and besides, people may never find out about the similarity in her baby’s name with Jennay’s dog’s name.

This got the pregnant woman furious and angrily claiming that Jennay was putting her in a bad position and even ruining her yet to be born baby’s life. Astonished Jennay though refused to change her dog’s name and took to Facebook to seek for people’s advice on how to handle the funny situation.

Outrageous reactions from several people trail Jennay’s encounter with the pregnant woman

Social media users share posts on what sharing a name with a dog means


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