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12 Influencers Who Took It Too Far And Were Shamed For What They Did


12 Influencers Who Took It Too Far And Were Shamed For What They Did

What are you guys desperate for?

There are a lot of ways to become famous these days with over 3.2 billion people across the world owning access to the Internet. Influencers have become a thing as for them, it’s how they earn money to support the lifestyle they show on videos. But gone are the days when influencers were about entertaining and educational content.

These days, influencers are all about preaching the ridiculous way of lives that can endanger you. And many times have they crossed the line that their ‘verified’ status can’t protect them from.

Here are 12 times influencers messed up and from where others can learn to not be ignorant, foolish, self-centered and unsympathetic.

1. Influencers stomping and sleeping on poppy fields in public area illegally.

Our Public Lands Hate You

Instagram account Our Public Lands Hate You has been working on calling out influencers who damage the environment only in return of good pictures, likes, and shares. Steve, the man who runs the account, told BoredPanda the purpose of his account.

2. People being disrespectful in the site where one million people were mass-murdered.


3. She had to put on a bikini and compare life to rice farmers.


4. One of the most infamous post: an influencer stomping on plants despite repeatedly told off.


5. On Holocaust Memorial, she decided to do Yoga in Berlin. While she might have meant good, it’s truly important to remain mindful of what others might feel. Not just you.


6. This couple dedicates their life to traveling and taking incredibly breathtaking pictures, some quite literally. On this one, you know what’s happening.


7. Still the same couple. This time, a dangerous kiss on a moving train going through a jungle.


8. This is the site where HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ series is based on. Yes, these influencers can’t stop taking pictures of themselves being radiated on.

luisitocomunica Verified

9. And then this influencer faking her trip to Paris with horrible Photoshop skills to boot.


Swedish influencer Johanna Olsson still insists she went to Paris.

She did a chain of Instagram story, “I wanted to talk a little bit about the pictures I posted in Paris. So, I did one picture, shot it and didn’t think it looked that nice… so I took a different background and put the background into it.”

10. ‘Omg, there’s a fire! Here, douse it with a portrait of me.’


11. This one claims to have heterochromia and was called out by his own estranged father. Maybe that’s why they weren’t close – dad didn’t give her the eye color she wanted.


12. Last but not least, can’t miss up this opportunity, can she! While earning money is something we all have the right to do, surely, would you ruin your once in a lifetime story and tell your kid how you proudly drank ‘Bang’ on your wedding day?


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