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Instagram Influencers forced To ‘Get Real Jobs’ After The ‘Like Count’ Was Removed


Instagram Influencers forced To ‘Get Real Jobs’ After The ‘Like Count’ Was Removed

Instagram finally did it – it’s making celebgrams considering the option to do real works in Australia. Influencers are losing followers with the gone of ‘likes count’ on their posts. While most people won’t really care, those whose lives are constantly hanging on whether people like and engage with their posts are panicking.

But Australians united and decided that these people should get up and work real jobs.

“I’m sure they’re hiring at Woolies and Coles,” a woman wrote on Facebook. Woolies and Coles are two popular retail stores in Australia. It has also been predicted that these people are going to suffer securing sponsorship deals as there are no way they can show their influence plus the publicized dropping number of followers post-update.

Martha Kalifathidis promoting a product.

People urge them to begin looking for a job.

These influencers earn money by posting attractive photos and are paid for promotions and endorsement.

But with the gone of likes number, which is their only portfolio of showing their exposure and popularity, these celebs are feeling the impact of the lack of ‘likes count’ on their posts. And the rate at which followers are leaving these accounts are alarmingly career-breaking.

The following statistics are shown on Social Blade which tracks followers numbers and shows how many people followed and left.

Elizabeth Sobinoff, the star from ‘Married at First Sight’ loses 930 followers in 5 days.

Cyrell Paule, co-star of the same show, lost a total of 755 followers at a constant rate.

Keira Maguire from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is also experiencing a similar setback on her followers count.

Alex Nation from the same show sees red in her followers count since then.

Teddy Briggs from ‘Love Island Australia’ is seeing his followers count going down daily.

Reality star that turns into celebgrams gains their popularity during the hype and excitement of the airing show. Once those shows end, these celebrities rely on quality content to contain their followers. If followers don’t think they are providing something worthy of their seconds on Instagram, these people will be bored.

Once they are bored, they will unfollow the celebrities to get rid of unwanted posts. The more endorsements they see, the less they are happy about it and on top of that, you won’t see ‘likes counts’ which was one of the drives that the collective masses agreement to continue following the celebrity.

Ali Otjen, another celebrity who loses followers. But she’s still earning from selling her wellness retreat to fans in Melbourne, which is still more or less a job.

When everyone is panicking, there are people who think this new take is making the platform a healthier and better place for everyone. And these are also people who rely on engagements, promotions, and endorsements to make ends meet!

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