25 Working Cats Who Do Better Job Than Humans

You might have heard of guide dogs, therapy dogs, and even cancer dogs. Aside from being loyal to humans and impressively easy to train, dogs are friendly creatures that heal our soul just by being there. But did you know that cats can do the same thing as well?

Cats do have different morphology and when compared to man’s best friend, they are often unamused and even lazy at times. But these 25 working cats will definitely change your mind about cats being lazy or even bad pets.

You will want a cat. You will love cats. And guess what – they have jobs that not even you can handle!

1. Rademenesa survived inflamed respiratory tract at 2 months old and now help other pets to alleviate their pain.


2. A mousekeeper in Iceland.

3. Only one question: How dare anyone questions his right for that role?!


4. This tow truck’s driver furry friend’s name is Dixie. Dixie is the one with two pointy ears.


5. Cat assists in scanning because it’s not the nicest place in a hospital.


6. Officer Donut, reporting to work! Oh, Donut is the one with collar and big, beautiful eyes.


7. This cat had been a wanderer and snuck into this nursing home before allegedly let to work there.


8. How to promote 101: Get a cat.


9. Meow is preparing to rescue.


10. Dirt is from Nevada. No, he doesn’t need a bath.


11. This hardware cat storekeeper is definitely questioning your cart’s inventory.


12. Kitty is striving to learn world domination.


13. Kitty CCTV on-duty. Please, keep shopping.


14. Cat in orange hat.


15. If you want your canine friends to remain safe.


16. Tama the Calico is a Station Master And Operating Officer at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.


17. Pirate Kitty, Ace, is a professional groomer.


18. Cockroach Manager, Sappho, is on-duty.


19. Oscar is a truck repairer cat. Aside from that, he also helps with paperwork.


20. We love Hennessy. Ah, we’re talking about the four-legged employee of the month of this liquor store.


21. Cat doctor: Next patient, please.


22. Just here to tell you he’s just got on break.


23. Couldn’t get a better partner than Oscar the cop cat.


24. Therapy cat keeping an eye on who needs snuggles and purrs.


25. Yes, I’m the manager here. Do you need any help?

Isabelle Ross

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