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This Blind Golden Retriever’s Friendship With A Guide Dog Will Warm The Coldest Heart


This Blind Golden Retriever’s Friendship With A Guide Dog Will Warm The Coldest Heart

The sweetest pair of dogs!

There is nothing scarier than losing the only window to your heart: your vision. But that is what Jake has to deal with as he wasn’t born blind. Ever since he was 2 years old, Jake has to live without the light, but his best friend, Addie, proved that she is the kind of best friend you want at your lowest times.

This is the story of a blind Golden Retriever who found a friend in his roommate, Addie, a guide dog. Check out their Instagram to stay up to date to what these two shenanigans are up to!

Their owner, Kim, tells the story of these two cute Goldens who are always by each other sides.

This is Jake, the blind Golden, and his best buddy, Addie, the guide dog.

They are the fluffiest, loveliest buddies in the whole world. You can see that.

Jake was not born blind. When he was 2 years old, “he was no longer producing tears.”

They went to meet a vet eyes specialist and went through a lot of medications as well as surgeries. Nothing helped Jake’s vision.

As his sight steadily deteriorated, the doctor gave them two choices: to remove his eyes or to set him free from this pain.

It seemed like removing his eyes was the most logical solution, but it was cruel for Jake, who’ve been through so much and didn’t get better still.

A lot of blind dogs owners find Kim and gave her reassurances that Jake is going to be okay.

Being owners of blind dogs themselves, they can personally say that dogs are resilient enough to still be playful, healthy and happy.

They also learned that dogs have three major senses and that smelling & hearing are more important than sight.

They went forward with the surgery for Jake.

They recalled, “Immediately after waking up from surgery, our vet said that Jake began wagging his tail.”

Jake is no more in pain and he doesn’t have to go through anymore medication or surgeries!

Jake began learning to adjust with his new life. Addie initially had a bell on her collar until Jake can learn to track her down on his own.

Jake would occasionally bump into things and find difficulties, but he’s always eager and playful.

He still bump into things. But he’s now navigating through his house and the neighborhood pretty easily!

Jake and Addie are bestfriends through it all. Jake, despite being a ‘disabled’ dog, is still a playful, lovely and laid back dog. Addie is more of a cuddly-type dog who loves to stay close to her parents. Despite their different personalities, Addie is always ready beside him.

And obviously, their parents were glad to have made the decisions. Jake had so much fight in him that it was probably impossible to see Jake the way he is today back then. Now, aren’t we all glad that Jake is such a lovely, playful puppy he is today despite whatever he’s been through?

These people agree!

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