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Travelling Couple Claim The ‘No Likes’ Feature On Instagram Is Good For Business


Travelling Couple Claim The ‘No Likes’ Feature On Instagram Is Good For Business

To create a healthier community and platform.

Instagram first launched a test-project on seeing whether posts without ‘likes’ on Australia news feeds would make the platform a better place for people to share their life and adventure. Of course, the radical change was greeted with negative feedback from influencers and some even came out as aggressive, threatening to switch platforms.

But not German-born Marie Fe and her Australian fiance Jake Snow. The engaged couple who makes a living through posting their gorgeous traveling pictures consider the ‘no likes’ feature will help the increasingly obsessive community that filter their pictures to make it look perfect on the platform.

And they also claim that it’s going to be better for their business.

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So far, Marie Fe and Jake Snow have 559,000 followers on their Instagram account. Their posts get generally 30k-45k likes.

The couple also understands why some influencers find this feature will be bad for them.

“We can understand how some people would see the “no like system” as somewhat demotivating. The amount of engagement you get (likes, views, comments) is the main metric that publicizes how much influence a person/brand really has,” Marie explains.

“In our opinion, as people who make a living from social media, we believe this move will be really healthy for society. As business owners, if we can still see our own like counts, we can still gauge how well our content is being received and adjust accordingly to provide value and keep our audience engaged.

“It doesn’t matter who else can see our likes it only matters that we can,” Marie added to explain her stand.

The couple thinks this wouldn’t affect them negatively.

In fact, it will help others who are overly obsessed with numbers of likes shown in their posts.

The couple has also been raising awareness towards the ‘comparison game’ that has affected youngsters these days.

“We have always seen Instagram as a tool to reach people to share our message, our art, and our work. But there are definitely times we find ourselves playing the comparison game,” Jake, 27, said.

“Instagram has become the perfect filtered, highlight reel of our lives and what’s become really unhealthy; people are comparing their normal lives with other people’s perfect filtered Instagram lives,” he added.

They think the new feature will allow people to post what matters to them.

“People won’t have as much incentive to create an unhealthy persona that isn’t real if there is no reward of perceived popularity or status at the end of it. You should be creating because you love to create, not because you want to be popular.

“Sharing because you really want to help people, rather than sharing so you can profit off of people,” emphasizes the couple despite having a way of living that relies on people enjoying their content.

The couple is proud of what they have been doing:

“What’s far more important to us is the amount of positive impact we are able to have on the world and people’s lives, how many people can we inspire, how much value are we providing, how much money can we raise for important causes, how many people did we make smile on any given day, how happy are we with the content we are creating, are we passionate about what we are doing.”

The couple on a sweet proposal from Jake in Turkey.

They are working with Omaze and have raised $50,000 to increase awareness on species extinction.

“The amount of ‘likes’ we get to have little or no correlation to any of them so we feel like losing the ‘likes’ is no real loss at all.”

Amidst celebs who flings frustration on losing the ‘likes’ number, the German-born couple showed a positive reaction, agreeing that this will reduce obsession.

Tammy Hembrow who has 10m followers below is among those who threaten to leave Instagram.

“Then we’ll delete Instagram from my life!” Tammy replied in response to the question if the feature is implemented officially. Influencers like her rely on engagement numbers to establish trust and reliability for sponsors. If it’s gone, these influencers will lose their means to secure a good contract.

She is also the owner of Saski Collection where she sells personally designs sports clothing.

Nasser Sultan is another infuriated micro-influencer who claims that he won’t ‘look like a celebrity’ if that happens.

The personal trainer has 36,000 followers and with the elimination of ‘likes’, he’s not confident about engagement anymore, “It is outrageous that I don’t look like a celebrity now and people can’t see how popular I am with my posts.”

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