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23 Pics Prove That Jason Momoa Is The Coolest Man On Instagram


23 Pics Prove That Jason Momoa Is The Coolest Man On Instagram

He is a cool badass!

It’s very unlikely for you to not recognize this man. The person sitting next to you will also surely recognize the huge portrait show on this page. That’s because Jason Momoa was also the King of Dothraki, Khal Drogo, who was married to the Mother of Dragons. While his role was shortlived in the series, he remained an influential and favorite figure to many.

If you haven’t seen ‘Game of Thrones’ (and it’s very unlikely you haven’t!), you probably have seen ‘Justice League’ or ‘Aquaman’. Jason appeared and portrayed the same character in the two movies as the Aquaman. Most of his roles show him kicking asses and it fits his looks and built.

But who would have known that this rock-climbing enthusiast is also a big softie with a big heart? The 6’5″ Hawaiian environmental advocate is always preaching about how we should save the earth and his appreciation & love towards his fans and family.

Credit all pictures to @prideofgypsies, Jason Momoa’s official account on Instagram!

Jason Momoa’s most iconic look with his long hair and charismatic beard.

Despite his fierce look, he’s actually a big softie!

His stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz, calls her papabear.

He also takes pictures of his fanart and the artist.

And he gets stuck between walls occasionally.

But don’t forget that this is also the same man who looks like a mighty Viking.

And goofy with headless figurines of himself.

Even his co-stars can confirm how cool of a guy he is!

His co-star from ‘Game of Thrones’, wife of Khal Drogo, also loves to be around him!

He sends shiver through his amazing acting and charisma.

He’s also always there for ‘kisses and hugs’!

There is no other man who can take Superman by surprise like the Aquaman does.

Or goof around with his fans like this!

He is always making time for his family – his wife Lisa Bonnet and step daughter Zoe Kravitz.

As a rock-climber enthusiast, he also teaches his daughter the art and joy of rock climbing.

The family man doesn’t forget to also spend time adventuring with his friends.

There are also times when he’s just being so precious!

He also knows how to steer a boat. Sort of.

And Emilia Clarke is ready to vouch for his on-screen husband’s awesomeness.

‘Pride of Gypsies’ is the name of his beer company.

He’s also ready to go wild with his daughters!

He’s a great man who loves his family and nature. He plays around with his fans but never forget about who he is.

Where else can you find such an awesome and cool man like this?

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