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18 Hilarious Attempts People Make For That Perfect Instagram Picture


18 Hilarious Attempts People Make For That Perfect Instagram Picture

Instagram photos are not always what they seem to be.

People do dumb things for that exposure on Instagram, but very few of them are willing to reveal the truth of that dumbness. These are ‘behind the scenes’ of pictures that look so perfect and aesthetic on Instagram, but really, it’s about getting the right angle and good lighting.

It’s so hilariously true that these pictures will definitely make you feel better about your life: it’s not that their life is awesome, they just know the right perspective to make things look perfect. Those just like, they don’t exactly say anything about your life!

It’s all about finding the right angle, having good lighting and finally, a good friend that will take your pictures. Or a good selfie camera if you’re somehow single!

1. Be positive of that smaller patch of yellow flowers!

© timatalks / Twitter

2. It’s never easy to be a model.

© ViennaDoLL / Twitter

3. I have a girlfriend. It’s my dog.

© BrennenTaylor / Twitter

4. Not enough light? Everything’s fine if you have enough friends.

© misschrizza / Twitter

5. Be comfortable but be sassy as well.

© HayleyErin / Twitter

6. Superglue when duct tape doesn’t work.

© thataylaa / Twitter

7. Omg, hun! Why am I alone?

© 4everKelz / Twitter

8. Add rosy effect… done!

© savannah098 / Reddit

9. ‘Tis how you enjoy life. Hashtag: IKEA.

© drake_nielsen / Twitter

10. It’s really all about perspective.

© chessiekingg / Instagram

11. Sister reveals where his brother is really at.

© therenaissancejones / Instagram

12. “Yes, I’m a professional now. In trick photography.”

© Carla_Mintz / Twitter

13. I’ve drunk two bottles of Hennessy’s V.S Cognac.

© 6ixgod_ / Twitter   © dababydahl / Twitter

14. Feeling cute, might go to Cayman Islands later, idk.

© MeetAtCT / Twitter

15. “This is how my success story begins.”

© jules_rowan / Twitter

16. Yes, it’s the same girl, same hammock, but the other picture has a storm coming.

© jenni.may1 / Instagram

17. We all need these kind of friends.

© pannikkii / Twitter

18. Beautiful, captivating and a little wet. Okay, so it was really wet.

© szczcharlotte / Twitter

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