Most Unusual Primates Strike A Pose For Hilarious Yet Captivating Close-Up Portraits

A new series of intimate close up portraits of some of the world’s most unusual primates have once again proved the uncanny resemblance to humans.

A black crested macaque showing its teeth in Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia

The stunning yet striking series of photographs is taking the internet by storm. Part of the project is two proboscis monkeys, one appears to mediate while the other looks deep in thought as it rests its face on its hand in Sabah, Borneo.

This proboscis monkey appears to be mediating
This ape looks deep in thought as it rests its face on its hand 

Other shots show a black crested macaque giving a toothy smile in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and an adorable snow monkey sticking its tongue out to taste the falling snowflakes in Jigokudani, 

This adorable snow monkey is sticking out its tongue to taste the falling snowflakes in Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Yunnan, China

The images were taken by photographer Mogens Trolle, 50, from Denmark, as part of his photo series Eye Contact.

The wildlife photographer took the snaps during his one year stay in South Africa and his work is getting all the attention it deserves

Mr. Trolle has included primates from Gabon, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Borneo, Sulawesi, China, Africa, and Japan in his series.

A Japanese macaque tasting snowflakes in Jigokudani, Japan
This black crested macaque gives a toothy smile in Sulawesi, Indonesia

The photographer says that his secret lies in letting the animals relax before snapping them as he finds that they open up to him when their minds are totally relaxed

a bleeding-heart monkey looks away from the camera in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

He said: ‘I was becoming more and more drawn to taking portraits of animals. I wanted to get closer to them, get to know them better, see their eyes and see their personality.

An orangutan mother and her baby look lovingly at each other in Tanjung Puting, Kalimantan, Borneo.
An orangutan male staring straight into the camera in Tanjung Puting, Kalimantan, Borneo

‘Photographing primates was a natural next step. 

‘Like us, humans, they communicate a lot with their facial expressions and eyes and I think they are the most expressive animals.

‘I try to capture special looks that show the individuality of each animal. Each species has its own characteristics.’

a mandrill alpha male poses for the camera in Gabon, Central Africa 

Mr. Trolle added: ‘Often my photos show expressions that are very similar to human expressions.’

Sammy Brown

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