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Japanese Grandma Takes Adorable Pictures Of Her Granddaughter With Her Poodle


Japanese Grandma Takes Adorable Pictures Of Her Granddaughter With Her Poodle

The duo we need in life.

When you have two of the loveliest things in the world in a single picture, I can assure you the world will look ten times better. That is why a Japanese grandma can’t stop taking pictures of her cute granddaughter who grows and plays with her dogs!

Granny has three poodles who all look fabulous, beautiful and too fluffy to be true. The pictures below have her granddaughter, Mame-chan with Riku the white standard poodle. She has one other white poodle and a black poodle, Gaku and Qoo. Ever since she was a baby, she has had played with the dogs often.

Honestly, we can barely differentiate the white poodles as they look so similar. Check out more of their cute little journey here!

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1. Beret couple.

2. Is it Halloween, yet? Dressing as Teru teru bōzu.

3. Says who Halloween only lasts a day?

4. Woah, it’s Christmas!

5. Waldo cosplay nailed!

6. Warming up for some scary bedtime stories!

7. 9 months old Mame.

8. Gaku doesn’t want to miss the party!

9. That time when Riku gets a new house.

10. Nothing like two adorable creatures having a nap.

11. Where are you going, Princess Mononoke?

12. Halloween Vol. 4 featuring Star Wars and alien dogs.

13. More Halloween. Seriously, why doesn’t it last a whole year, because we’ll get even more adorable pictures like this.

14. Or Christmas. Christmas works as well.

15. Granny Mame and Riku going out to the market?

16. Riku just being a good sitter for Mame.

17. Mame in beautiful kimono kissing Riku.

18. Riku, can you choose the best color for me?

19. Mame in yukata with her best buds!

20. Don’t eat the flowers, Riku!

21. Oh, yes, chic and fancy as heck.

22. Peek-a-boo~

23. Mame and her poodle sidekicks.

24. Just two adorable babies lounging.

25. We hope Mame-chan will grow up well and that Riku, Gaku and Qoo remains the best boys ever!

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